Xbox Series S Carbon Black 1TB SSD

Are you someone who owns the Xbox Series S? Tired of having no storage and having to keep uninstalling games to install the ones you wish to play? Then the Xbox Series S Carbon Black may just be the console for you!

Released on the 1st of September 2023, you can now get a Carbon Black Xbox Series S which now has 1TB of storage instead of the original 500GB of storage with the Xbox Series S that was released in 2020.

In addition to the 500GB extra storage, the console is also black meaning those who prefer black to white when it comes to a console now have that option too!

Wondering what the specs are for the console? We have the details below

1. 4 Terraflops of graphic processing power
2. AMD’s Xen 2 computer processor
3. 10GB of GDDR6 graphics memory
4. Last but not least 1TB SSD

You may be wondering how much more you will have to pay for the new console with the extra 500GB of storage. You may also be surprised to know it is only an extra £50 or $50 if you are in the US for the Xbox Series S Carbon Black 1TB SSD.

This is a huge difference in price when you think about how much a storage expansion card may run you for the Xbox Series S.
The console is available now for purchase but it does seem to be selling fast.

Currently, there does not seem to be any issues with stock so if you are looking to get the new Xbox Series S Carbon Black 1TB SSD, now would be the time to jump!

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