Rare N64 controller, found in the attic, is being offered for sale

Ever heard of the Foxdata N64 controllers? Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t. The Foxdata N64 controllers were launched in the late ’90s. They were official controllers but featured a custom paint job, allowing them to significantly stand out from the standard N64 controllers. They are, especially now, quite rare and sought after by collectors.

Rare N64 Controller Offered for Sale

Exact numbers are not known, but in total, approximately 800 units of the Foxdata controllers are believed to have been made, distributed over four designs. Possibly only 200 were made of each design, and of course, not all are still actively available today.

The units that do resurface are often found in attics. This was the case with Liam Clousdale, who received the controller for his 14th birthday. A friend had noticed that such a controller could be sold for a pretty penny, and that’s how the ball got rolling.

Clousdale’s Foxdata N64 controller, which is the Leopard variant, is now being offered for sale through an auction. The expected yield is approximately €1150. You can also find one on eBay for €2000 here.

  1. I never heard of Foxdata before! This person is lucky to have found these rare controllers, l do own some hard to find games but none of them are worth over $1,000. I have a game in my collection that is worth over $200 however, but I’ll never sell it. I’ll be honest though, I find the leopard print controller to be super ugly. I’ve always been keen on the transparent controllers and N64 consoles, I have a Jungle Green one myself.

  2. The rare Foxdata N64 controllers from the late ’90s remain sought after by collectors due to their unique design, with some fetching high prices, showcasing the enduring allure of retro gaming. Gamers from the ’90s are definitely going to put their hands on these controllers to relive those good old days!

    1. I was tempted to collect the Foxdata N64 controllers, but the price put me off 😄. I don’t want to spend that high buying a controller when I am saving to get another gadget. It is not going to work easily like that for me.

  3. Some amazing retro controllers above. I see some on eBay being listed but they are way out my budget and league right now. A lot of collectors purchase these items, rather than to actually use them.

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