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PlayStation Portal Handheld’s Release Date Officially Revealed

Sony have revealed the release date for the PlayStation Portal:

The PlayStation Portal remote player, as Sony refers to their new PlayStation handheld, has a release date. The PlayStation Portal will be officially launched on November 15th.

The PlayStation Portal is tailored to offer portable gaming experiences for PlayStation 5 owners. It features an eight-inch, 1080p LCD display and supports remote play, allowing game streaming at up to 60fps. While the PlayStation Portal includes its own system-on-chip for running its operating system and connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi, it is not designed to run games independently. Instead, its primary function is to enable remote play on a PlayStation 5 through a Wi-Fi connection.

Crafted to seamlessly extend the PS5 experience, the PlayStation Portal comes equipped with controllers that closely mimic the design and functionality of the PS5’s DualSense controllers. These integrated controllers deliver familiar haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, ensuring a consistent gaming experience. Furthermore, the device replicates the PlayStation 5’s home screen, complete with a dedicated section for media playback.

The PlayStation Portal will retail at 199.99 USD | 219.99 EURO | 199.99 GBP. Will you be getting one? Let us know in the comments below. If not, why not?

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  • Lemmy 29 September 2023

    “ Will you be getting one? Let us know in the comments below. If not, why not?”

    General principle. I love my PS5 but I’m not shelling out big bucks for something which has no standalone titles. It’s a scam.

    • Avatar photo
      Al 13 October 2023

      Yep. Sony missed a trick here by not releasing something akin to the Switch or SteamDeck. I’d need to buy this AND also a PS5. That ain’t gonna happen.

  • Riberet19 14 October 2023

    I have heard a little about this portable console, I suppose Sony will want to compete for the portable console market alongside Nintendo and Steam, having the PS5 and wanting to give the Nintendo Switch 2 a chance, I don’t think this is a purchase option for me, but I certainly wish Sony every success with this console.

  • Ja sa bong 25 October 2023

    This handled by Sony looks very good but I won’t be purchasing it. I have Nintendo Switch handheld which gives me lots of games to play. With my paying Playstation 5, I wouldn’t be needing another handheld console.

  • Debashis 28 October 2023

    This is going to redefine the experience provided by handheld gaming consoles. Mimicking the PS5 experience, its integrated controllers and price make it an intriguing choice for gaming enthusiasts. I don’t have any handheld consoles yet but if I plan on getting one in the future, I’ll not think even once before buying this one if it still remains relevant during that time.

  • Kenny 7 January 2024

    I really like gaming on the go, I’m usually on the road. So there are times when I need to while away time, so this can come handy. This is not possible with console.

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