The iPhone 15 is set to be unveiled tomorrow!

According to the iPhone 15 series will be launched tomorrow. As with all previous iPhone launches there is significant hype surround this annual event. Will you be one of the first to get your hands on the iPhone?

Apple is planning to release a total of four iPhone 15 models in the same sizes as the iPhone 14 models, including two 6.1-inch iPhones and two 6.7-inch iPhones. One of the 6.1-inch iPhones will be the standard iPhone 15, while one of the 6.7-inch models will be an iPhone 15 “Plus.” The other 6.1 and 6.7-inch iPhones will be higher-end and more expensive “Pro” models, and they could be even pricier this year.

It is anticipated the the iPhone 15 will be significantly lighter than the previous model, the iPhone 14, due to a change from stainless steel to titanium as the chosen material for the case. As someone who prefers the larger model of phones – I’m currently rocking the iPhone 14 Pro Max, this reduction in weight will offer an impressive relief from tired arms due to mammoth Instagram sessions.

Back in 2022 the EU rules that Apple must change from their traditional lightning charging port to the more mainstream USB-C ports. Everything points to Apple adhering to this ruling in the design of the iPhone 15. The EU set a deadline of December 28, 2024 for this change to be implemented. Apple appear to have acquiesced to the bloc’s ruling and request in the new iPhone.

Apple plans to use Qualcomm modem chips for the new devices as its own modem chips that are in development aren’t quite ready, plus we are expecting new UWB chips for integration with the Vision Pro headset. The standard iPhone 15 models will get an upgrade to the A16 chip that was in the iPhone 14 Pro models, while the iPhone 15 Pro models will use faster and more efficient 3-nanometer A17 chips. Pro models are also expected to see an upgrade to titanium frames, slimmer bezels, and some minor design changes with more curved device edges, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max is also expected to get periscope lens technology for enhanced zoom capabilities.

Will you be buying a new iPhone 15 when it is released? If so, why? And equally, why not? Let us know in the comments.

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