Dune: Awakening – Gameplay Footage

At the PC Gaming Show 2023, Funcom showed off some alpha gameplay footage of Dune: Awakening during an exclusive interview with PC Gamer. Creative Director Joel Bylos said, “By the end of the game perhaps you’re running a guild, you have a fleet of vehicles, ornithopters flying in formation, sand bikes cruising across the desert beneath them, tanks kicking up a cloud of dust as you drive to a spice blow in the distance in order to harvest with your guild. You see in the distance another guild coming towards you. And just as you clash, you hear the rumble of a sandworm coming. That’s combat in Dune: Awakening.”

Centered around an Open-World rendition of Arrakis, the MMO places a significant emphasis on survival and crafting, a fitting choice for a planet renowned as one of the most perilous in the cosmos. The challenge of enduring the volatile desert environment while establishing a viable stronghold is just the beginning. Beyond this lies the daunting task of safeguarding your haven against fellow explorers—an endeavor that adds an entirely new layer of complexity. Enter “Dune: Awakening,” a game that introduces third-person combat, promising progressively evolving engagements ranging from intimate ambushes to grand-scale clashes involving infantry, ground vehicles, and the iconic ornithopters that grace the skies.

Dune: Awakening Exclusive Interview and Gameplay Footage | PC Gaming Show 2023

Arrakis offers a plethora of contested prizes: coveted strategic sites, vital water sources, and above all else, the invaluable spice reserves. Mastering the art of harvesting this precious substance and subsequently trading it holds the key to unlocking prosperity and influence. This trade can propel both you and your guild up the echelons, potentially culminating in the prestigious status of a House Minor—a position that might lead to a pivotal alliance with one of the major players within the empire.

Crafting is intended to encompass equipment, armour, weaponry, and vehicles, contributing to the immersive experience. Moreover, the game incorporates an economic management aspect, as establishing a proficient spice harvesting operation becomes a paramount objective in your journey.

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