Why the Xbox series X is the best

What Makes the Xbox Series X Stand Out?

Believe it or not, it’s been a full year since I started using the Xbox Series X, and I’ve amassed quite a collection of impressions about this console. The majority of these impressions happen to be positive, which is quite pleasing. In this article, I aim to address the question: “Why is the Xbox Series X the best?” Additionally, I’ll share my personal experiences with it.

Design and Appearance

The Xbox Series X presents itself as a sleek, imposing black monolith with sharp edges and corners. Crafted from smooth plastic, its top surface features a grille with a distinctive green backlight, reminiscent of the classic Xbox design. Positioned at the front, there’s a slot-loading optical drive, which stands vertically when the console is upright.

Adjacent to the drive, you’ll find a USB port, a pairing button for the controller, as well as power and eject buttons. At the rear, there are two more USB ports, an HDMI output, an Ethernet port, a power cable connector, and an external storage slot.

While the console can also lie horizontally, it requires a minimum of 15 cm of vertical space, possibly necessitating some rearrangement to accommodate it comfortably.

Gamepad and Controls

Let’s delve into the gamepad, which I must say is truly remarkable. It strikes a perfect balance, with just the right amount of heft and a satisfying tactile feel. Even during intense gaming sessions, your hands won’t slip. After a year of use, it remains unscathed and pristine, with buttons that show no signs of wear. It looks as though it was unboxed just yesterday.

The gamepad features a “Share” button nestled between the “Menu” and “View” buttons, allowing for effortless screenshot capture and gameplay recording, much like on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, or Nintendo Switch. Slightly above, you’ll find a glowing Xbox button.

The directional pad has received an update, now registering inputs in eight directions, and its appearance has seen some slight alterations. Furthermore, the Xbox Series X controller has ditched the outdated Micro-USB in favor of a USB-C connector for both cable connection and recharging. Alternatively, you can power it with two standard AA batteries.

Interface and Interaction

The Microsoft Xbox Series X interface largely resembles that of its predecessor. The home screen consists of a series of “tiles” showcasing recently played and currently running games. Slightly below, you’ll find the “My games and applications” section, housing your complete library and offering additional recommendations.

Scrolling down unveils several other sections, including Game Pass, Store, Entertainment, Events, Community, and Pins. Here, you can explore various online events, view recently shared screenshots and videos, and join Xbox Live clubs dedicated to different games or genres.

Notably, the Xbox button can summon the Xbox Guide menu at any time, even when you’re in the middle of a game. This menu provides quick access to various settings and frequently used actions, such as checking online friends, managing chats, viewing achievements, and capturing screenshots or video clips.

Component Performance

Under the hood, the Xbox Series X boasts an AMD Zen 2 processor with 8 cores running at a brisk 3.87GHz. Handling graphics duties is the RDNA 2 graphics card with 52 cores, clocked at 1.825 GHz, and support for ray tracing technology. You’ll also find 16GB of GDDR6 RAM and a spacious 1TB SSD.

The new Series X excels at delivering 4K video with HDR support, including Dolby Vision. In terms of hardware, this console surpasses the Xbox One X by a considerable margin. The shift from a hard drive to an SSD results in a substantial increase in loading speeds. Furthermore, the storage capabilities here outshine those of the Series S. In addition to the built-in 802 GB of free SSD space, you can expand it by another 1 TB using a memory expansion card. It’s also possible to connect an external hard drive or SSD via a USB port.

Additionally, the Xbox Series X features an Ultra HD Blu-ray optical drive, allowing you to play games from discs and enjoy movies in 4K. Support for 1080p Blu-Ray remains, along with standard 480p DVDs, although the Series S lacks an optical drive.

Why the Xbox Series X Reigns Supreme

The Microsoft Xbox Series X gaming console stands out as a stellar upgrade, offering powerful hardware and swift performance. Although it comes at a premium price compared to the Series S, its high cost is entirely justified. With an optical drive, double the internal storage, and beefier hardware, it packs a punch.

In general, the most powerful Microsoft console doesn’t fall short of its Sony counterpart. While the Series X excels in backward compatibility, the PS5 boasts an exceptional controller and a range of exclusive games. If you’re content with the available game library, the Xbox Series X seems like the preferred choice for your gaming needs.

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  1. I’ll be honest. When I purchased the PS5, I did have second thoughts about going for the Xbox X instead. I’ve went from PS1 – PS3 to Xbox 360 and Xbox One. After that went back to PS4 and now PS5.

    I’m probably gonna buy the Xbox X sometime next year, but it’s not a priority. I do agree its design is an eye catcher and always loved the sleek black and green color scheme and design they went for.

    It’s really a powerhouse considering the price it’s going for. There’s always the PC master race, but this is just something different and not comparable in my opinion. You get a lot for what you pay for.

  2. Even though I have always been a Playstation fan and no one can deny the fact that PS5 is sure awesome, it won’t hurt to admit that Xbox Series X was a beast too. To be very honest, if I had the cash available when I purchased Playstation 5, I would have equally add Xbox Series X to that order. I’m not rulling it off yet because the console is an absolute beauty!

    1. The Xbox X is a great gaming console that was built to last for a very long time. I am not saying that PlayStation 5 was overhyped, but when placed side by side, I will have a difficult time picking which one is better as the features have little differences between them.

  3. I completely agree with your opinion that the Xbox Series X is an exceptional gaming console. Its impressive specifications and sleek design are a testament to Microsoft’s commitment to delivering a top-notch gaming experience.

  4. As someone who has always been an Xbox user and still to this day is, I am eager to be able to upgrade my Xbox One X to the Xbox Series X but as of yet have not been able to but hope to one day when things are a little better.

    The Xbox Series X really is a beast and so many of those who have the console have been super happy with the performance of the console.

  5. Hard disagree. PlayStation has always been superior to Xbox and that hasn’t change in the latest iterations. PlayStation is the thinking man’s console.

  6. As someone who owns both the PS5 and Xbox Series X. I prefer my Xbox over the PS5. I do enjoy the exclusives the PS5 has to offer, but from a gameplay and eco-system perspective. I prefer the Xbox. The controller feels better in my hands, especially for first person shooters. I also prefer the Xbox’s UI over the PS5’s UI.

  7. At first I was on the fence on if I was going to get the PS5 or Xbox Series X first. I decided to go with the PS5 first because of the exclusives, all the Xbox Series X/S games were compatible with the Xbox One as well so there really weren’t any exclusives. I also feel that most of these games can be played on PC, if you have a decent rig. I absolutely want to upgrade my Xbox One S to a Series X whenever the prices drop, I have a few disc based Xbox One games that I would love to play on the newest Xbox model. Plus I would love to play Sonic Unleashed in full 60fps, this game runs a lot better on the Series X than on the previous Xbox models.

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