Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date Rumours

If you are someone who tends to follow the console news and rumours pretty religiously, you will know that the rumour mill for the Nintendo Switch 2 is very much in full swing.

The latest update regarding the Nintendo Switch 2 from an analyst report is that the Nintendo Switch 2 could be released as early as 2024.

Many are speculating that March or April could be the months to keep an eye on when it comes to a release date for the Nintendo Switch 2 if we are in fact close to getting a new console from Nintendo.

March would definitely be a good speculation to have being that the Nintendo Switch launched in March 2017 and it could be that Nintendo may want to stick with a March release like last time.

Nintendo also announced the Nintendo Switch in October 2016 which could indicate just how close we are to an announcement from Nintendo.

With Nintendo Direct this month rumoured to be from the 11th to the 15th of September which is just before the Tokyo Game Show, this could be a perfect time to make an announcement and show off the new console if they have one.

One final thing to add, Nintendo reportedly allowed developer presentations for the Switch 2 behind closed doors at Gamescom last month in Cologne, Germany.

Nothing is as of yet set in stone and everything is very much speculation but it is all looking quite promising.

  1. Brilliant. It’s an exciting time for Nintendo enthusiasts as speculations about the release of the Nintendo Switch 2 gain momentum. March or April seems to be the months to watch out for, given that the original Nintendo Switch was launched in March 2017, and Nintendo might want to stick to a similar release window.

    Moreover, the fact that Nintendo unveiled the original Nintendo Switch in October 2016 hints at the possibility of an impending announcement. The upcoming Nintendo Direct scheduled for this month, rumored to be from the 11th to the 15th of September, right before the Tokyo Game Show, could provide the perfect stage for Nintendo to reveal and showcase their new console, if indeed they have one in the pipeline.

    Adding to the intrigue, reports suggest that Nintendo allowed developer presentations for the Switch 2 behind closed doors at Gamescom last month in Cologne, Germany. While nothing is set in stone, the signs are undeniably promising. I suggest, keep your eyes peeled for updates, as Nintendo may be gearing up for an exciting reveal most likely!

  2. The last Nintendo I owned was the SNES! Old school. I’ve never really been into handheld consoles, I prefer to game from the comfort of my sofa or at my desk. Never really have time to game on the move (usually the driver).

    How well does the switch work as a dedicated console?

  3. Any information I can get my hands on regarding the next generation of this gaming system is highly anticipated by me. Keep up the fantastic work, and I’ll be sure to stay tuned for more updates from you!

  4. It makes me wonder what Nintendo will add to their new Switch. I have a feeling we’ll be getting a VR headset for it eventually, but I’m not sure what else they can do to improve on the Switch other than having a faster processor and better graphics. I also don’t think it will be called the Switch 2, since Nintendo is known for coming up with interesting names for their consoles. Makes me wonder what it’ll be called.

  5. I did not buy the Nintendo Switch at the time since I had the PlayStation 4, but I always wanted to buy it since I am a fan of Zelda and Pokemon games, I also like Mario Bros games a little, now with the arrival of the New Nintendo Switch I think it can be a good opportunity to give a chance again to Nintendo games that I have not played for so long.

  6. I heard the rumours of it being digital only and not backwards compatible with the original Switch and it’s games. I really hope this isn’t true because it could hurt Nintendo in the long run. It would definitely push sales if it weren’t true and the Switch 2 was fully backwards compatible with Switch cartridges IMO. Xbox does this with Xbox One titles and Sony with PS4 titles on the PS5. If Nintendo doesn’t allow for full Switch backwards compatibility, it could really hurt the casual playerbase and maybe they won’t buy one, at least not at launch.

  7. Personally, I haven’t been the type of person who gives attention to speculations and rumors. This is the reason why I’m not going to get my hopes high until an official statement/announcement comes from Nintendo. There’s been a lot of positive signs but it’s not going to sway me until Nintendo says jack officially.

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