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Super Mario Bros Wonder was beaten by Spider-Man 2 in the UK physical charts

It has been reported that even though Super Mario Bros Wonder came close to the top spot in the UK physical charts, it was beaten by Spider-Man 2 which comfortably took the top spot leaving Super Mario Bros Wonder in second place.

At the moment, this is only taking into account physical sales of both of the games and the data for the digital sales of both games will come at a later date.

Spider-Man is reportedly the fourth biggest physical release in the UK this year with games such as Hogwarts Legacy, EA Sports FC 24 and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom all having sold more physical copies in their first week of release.

Spiderman 2 also sold 20% fewer physical copies of their game compared to God of War: Ragnarok but again, this does not take into account digital sales of each game.

Going back to Super Mario Bros Wonder, this is the third-biggest physical launch in UK history for a Mario platform game.

As said by’s Christopher Dring:

It is only very narrowly behind Super Mario Odyssey and Super Mario 3D All-Stars, I imagine with digital, it may well be the biggest Mario platform game launch in the UK ever.

Christopher Dring

Physical sales of Mario Wonders in the first week were 62% lower than the sales of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Mario games, however, do tend to be more ‘evergreen’ and usually continue to sell years after release in healthy numbers.

According to Christopher Dring, the first week of UK sales of Mario Wonder’s was significantly better than the sales of Super Mario Bros U Deluxe which so far to date has gone on to sell more than 16 million copies worldwide.

Spider-Man may have taken the top spot but both Sony and Nintendo will still be very happy with each game’s sales information.

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  • Ravenfreak 5 November 2023

    Seeing how Spider Man 2 is a triple A title, it doesn’t surprise me that it surpassed Super Mario Wonder. I know a few of my coworkers have been playing the game lately. I’ve heard both titles are great, I have yet to purchase them myself. I bet by the end of the year, Spider Man 2 will be the best selling game of the year worldwide.

  • Riberet19 7 November 2023

    Both are excellent games, I’ve played Spider-Man 2 and loved it, no wonder it’s so high on the sales chart in the UK, but Mario Bros is a legendary saga and it’s normal that it also occupies the top positions of the sales charts.

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