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EA Sports FC 24 already outperforms FIFA 23

EA will have to do without the FIFA name for its soccer games from now on, but that doesn’t seem to be a real problem. EA has announced that EA Sports FC 24 attracted 11.3 million players in its first week, which is one million more than FIFA 23 during the same period.

In its first week, FIFA 23 had 10.3 million players, a number that EA described at the time as “record-breaking” and the “biggest launch period” in the franchise’s history.

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EA Sports FC 24 seems to be performing significantly better, although there is a caveat. The figures also include players who are playing the game through EA Play, EA’s subscription service, so the 11.3 million players may not necessarily translate to 11.3 million copies sold.

Nevertheless, EA Sports FC 24 already appears to be a major success for EA. Players don’t seem to mind the absence of the FIFA name, and microtransactions are once again generating significant revenue. Additionally, they claim to have attracted 20% “new players,” and EA Sports FC Mobile has performed excellently with 11.2 million downloads in the first 10 days.


  • Lemmy 11 October 2023

    I bet FIFA are, right now, kicking themselves over the licensing issue. EA made absolutely the right call.

    • Avatar photo
      Al 11 October 2023

      They shoulda taken the $150 million!

  • Riberet19 14 October 2023

    I suppose that the fact that EA has changed its name and that they no longer have the FIFA license has made many players believe that the new game was going to innovate in all aspects, I have stopped playing Fifa games since Fifa21 since I am disenchanted with this EA franchise since it is always the same and I am not willing to spend more money on a game that no longer attracts my attention.

  • Debashis 16 October 2023

    EA Sports FC 24’s strong start, with 11.3 million players in the first week, surpassing FIFA 23’s numbers, indicates that the change in the game’s name hasn’t affected its success at all. In fact, it has boosted more. Being a fan of the FIFA games, I would be equally excited for this one as well. The name change doesn’t matter at all to me because it’s still an EA game.

  • Ja sa bong 25 October 2023

    I’ve not purchased EA Sports FC 24 or FIFA 23. I wouldn’t know from experience how they are different in my own eyes and gameplay but I’m thinking of jumping playing buying FIFA 23 for EA Sports FC 24 since FIFA 23 is the last release on the franchise. The change in the game helped to boost its players with the numbers it’s making.

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