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Why God of War Ragnarök Hits Hard!

For many people, God of War Ragnarök was the game of 2022! Kratos and Atreus were trying to survive Fimbulwinter and the ever growing closer Ragnarök all the while trying to find their place in the world. While on the surface, God of War Ragnarök is just another big badass action game, it is actually far more than that.

Even in the early God of War games where Kratos was just full of rage and anger and would rip apart anything that got in his way of vengeance, the games were very story driven and very well written. However, the last two games, 2018s God of War and God of War Ragnarök took the storytelling to a whole new level.

Seeing Kratos as a father, trying to do what is right for his son all the while still trying to deal with the horrors of his past is epic and deep stuff that well and truly gets to you as you embark on this adventure.

We also really feel for Kratos because his son Atreus is growing up, He is more interested than ever about what it is to be a Giant and wishes to find more of his kind. Not to mention his “friendship” with Angraboda all leading him to want to break out on his own and forge his own path in the world. It is truly powerful stuff and if you are a parent playing this game, it no doubt hits you even harder.

While there is much tragedy and hardship in God of War Ragnarök, you would have to say that it ultimately ends on a positive note and perhaps in the next game we will get to see Kratos get the happy ending he deserves.

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  • Heatman 10 September 2023

    God of War Ragnarök is one of the best games of 2022, if not that Elden Ring was on a whole different level, there was no other game that came close to being the best game for 2022.

    I can’t help it with feeling that the time of Kratos is soon coming to an end in the God of War franchise. Everything points that his son Atreus is being groomed to replace him as the main character in the game.

  • The Raven 26 October 2023

    I never played God of War because I always had some other game in mind to test but based on what youtube presented, I really like. I don’t know why both AC and now God of War chose Nordic, viking age as a place. Maybe because it became widely popular thanks to tv series, I don’t know.

    This game is not only good in graphics but it reminds me of Witcher 3 Wild Hunt with these striking moves.

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