Leaks Hint at Multiple Iconic Cities in GTA 6

Recent leaks about Grand Theft Auto have sparked excitement among fans, suggesting that GTA 6 may introduce another iconic setting alongside Vice City. These leaks revealed that at one point, Grand Theft Auto V had plans to take players back to Liberty City. Given this information, it’s not unreasonable to imagine Rockstar Games transporting players back in time when GTA 6 launches on consoles in 2025.

The anticipation for this game is palpable, with a recent trailer that broke the internet. In just three weeks, this brief one-minute and 30-second clip garnered a staggering 159 million views.

Now, it’s confirmed that GTA 6 will see players returning to Vice City, an iconic location in the series that is based on Miami and first appeared in 2002’s GTA: Vice City. In that game, players assumed the role of gangster Tommy Vercetti, voiced by the late and talented Ray Liotta, who eventually became the kingpin of the city. Vice City also made a return in 2006’s Vice City Stories, with Victor Vance as the protagonist. The modern-day version of Vice City seems to surpass anything we’ve seen before.

While one city is impressive, the idea of having two is a dream for GTA fans. Many were disappointed after discovering how close they came to returning to Liberty City in GTA 5. Liberty City, inspired by New York, has made appearances in several GTA titles, including GTA 3, GTA: Liberty City Stories, and GTA IV, allowing players to explore the Big Apple in different eras. In GTA V, Liberty City had a minor presence, as players could watch an entertaining film set in the same city from GTA IV if they visited the in-game cinema.

A recent leak even revealed that GTA 5 had plans for a DLC named ‘Liberty City,’ but Rockstar didn’t follow through, possibly due to the immense success of GTA: Online. However, some speculate that Rockstar might have been saving this blockbuster return for the next installment of the franchise.

Rumours have long circulated about Rockstar wanting to give fans more than one city to wreak havoc in. YouTuber Broughy1322 mentioned in an interview with GQ Magazine that there have been whispers about Rockstar wanting to include both Liberty City and Los Santos in one colossal game. He stated, “From what I understand, that’s been a long-term desire from the higher-ups at Rockstar, to have a GTA game with multiple cities, all in one. And, to be honest, as a player, that is the ultimate GTA game, to be able to do stuff in Vice City, and then jump on a jumbo jet to Liberty City, or Los Santos.”

While it’s unclear if this ambitious plan will come to fruition, the prospect of visiting multiple chaotic cities certainly holds great appeal. Considering that Liberty City was originally planned for GTA 5, it’s not far-fetched to hope that it might become a reality in GTA 6.

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