An Expert View On What To Expect In GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto 6 has become a phenomenon like no other, setting new records for anticipation in the world of gaming. To say the excitement is palpable would be an understatement.

In just 24 hours, the initial trailer set the internet ablaze, amassing a staggering 100 million views on YouTube, a rate surpassed only by K-Pop sensation BTS. Guinness World Records even crowned it as the most-watched video game trailer and non-music video within the same timeframe. The trailer’s use of Tom Petty’s “Love is a Long Road” led to an astonishing 36,979% spike in Spotify streams. With 185 million copies sold, the previous installment, GTA V, has generated nearly $8 billion in revenue over a decade—equivalent to four Avatar movies. If the leaks hold true, Rockstar Games has invested $2 billion in developing GTA 6, a clear sign of their high expectations.

But what do the experts—those deeply committed and avid GTA fans—think about the future of this highly anticipated game? GQ Magazine had an opportunity to sit down with Grand Theft Auto experts and discuss what may come in Grand Theft Auto 6.

Broughy1322, a prominent GTA YouTuber, was particularly impressed by the graphical advancements in the trailer. He emphasized that GTA V was released over a decade ago, and the tech back then was significantly less powerful than what we have today. However, he also noted that the trailer seemed to showcase cutscenes rather than gameplay, urging a cautious approach to expectations.

Another expert, The Professional, expects GTA 6 to boast the most ambitious game world ever created by Rockstar, with lifelike details everywhere. He compared it to GTA V, which had a vast countryside but lacked vibrancy, unlike the livelier scenes glimpsed in the trailer.

Across the board, these GTA enthusiasts speculated on how GTA 6 could evolve from the gameplay mechanics and design elements of Rockstar’s last title, Red Dead Redemption 2, which was praised for its richly detailed landscape and photorealistic character models. They foresee more interaction with non-player characters, similar to Red Dead 2, where players can engage with NPCs in various ways.

GTAMen, another YouTuber, contemplated the dynamics between the protagonists Lucia and Jason, drawing parallels to the relationship between Dutch van Der Linde and Arthur Morgan in Red Dead 2. He suggested that Lucia may be the one in charge, based on her dialogue in the trailer.

While video game trailers have sometimes overpromised and underdelivered in the past, GTAMen believes that GTA 6 may actually look better than the trailer suggests, given the history of Rockstar’s improvements in subsequent trailers for their games. He highlighted the impressive draw distance, water quality, and character models showcased in the trailer.

Regarding the game’s setting, while the trailer confirms a return to Vice City, rumors persist that GTA 6 might feature more than one major city, as has been a historical trend in the series. Some fans have even speculated the return of Los Santos, GTA IV’s Liberty City, or a city like Las Venturas from San Andreas. Broughy1322 thinks that the desire for multiple cities has long been a goal for Rockstar, and the ultimate GTA experience would involve seamlessly transitioning between different urban environments.

In essence, the prospect of committing all sorts of criminal deeds in various cityscapes is every GTA fan’s dream. However, Broughy1322 believes that this might not be fully realized from the game’s launch but could be added over time, aligning with fans’ desires for continuous updates and expansions.

In just over a year, we’ll see whether GTA 6 fulfills these dreams and expectations, as Rockstar Games continues to shape the future of open-world gaming.

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