‘Wokeness’ In Grand Theft Auto 6

In the wake of Grand Theft Auto 6’s reveal trailer, the gaming community has been conflicted. Rockstar Games’ latest instalment introduced us to Lucia, the first female protagonist in a leading role, which sparked a range of reactions from fans. While some welcomed this change with open arms, others criticized it as a move towards political correctness, dubbing it going woke.

Ned Luke, stepped forward to address the detractors. Luke, known for his role as Michael in GTA 5, spoke positively about Lucia, played by our new protagonist. He commended her character’s portrayal in the trailer, highlighting her undeniable badassery. ‘GTA 6 is going to be the biggest game ever,’ he exclaimed.

Lucia’s introduction as a female protagonist breaks new ground for the franchise. While there have been playable women in previous GTA games, this marks the first time a female character will take centre stage in the 3D era. Luke’s words help show that this change is a positive evolution for the series.

Lucia’s introduction is not the only element of controversy in the GTA 6 reveal trailer. The trailer also showcased Vice City, a Miami-inspired location, in all its current-gen glory. Some viewers expressed their disappointment by focusing on the presence of Black and Hispanic characters in the trailer. This sparked comments like ‘Not a single white person in this trailer. Big surprise,’ and even mentions of ‘white replacement theory.’ These comments have fuelled the ongoing debate about GTA going woke.

Luke reminded fans that GTA has featured playable women before, even though they were not voiced or fully developed characters. It’s essential to remember that this evolution represents a positive step toward inclusivity in the gaming world.

In a separate interview with IGN, Luke expressed his excitement about Lucia’s character and the potential parallels between her story and that of the GTA 5 cast. He noted the similarities in opening lines between Lucia’s trailer and his own game, hinting at possible connections in their narratives. Luke also dispelled concerns about the other protagonist, Jason, dismissing claims that he appeared soft.

The anticipation surrounding Grand Theft Auto 6 is undeniable, with Lucia’s introduction and the controversies it sparked serving as significant talking points. As we eagerly await the game’s release, it’s essential to remember the core elements that make the GTA series so iconic.

What do you think? Is Grand Theft Auto going woke? Answers in the comments.

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