GTA 6 is the award winning game that’s not even been released!

With very little information, a single trailer, and still a year or more away from release, Grand Theft Auto 6 has already started racking up the awards.

It’s clear from the anticipation that GTA6 will be the gaming event of 2025. No game has ever had the hype that surrounds Grand Theft Auto 6. You can count on it that GTA6 will take the awards for Game of the Year 2025 irrespective of what else comes out in the same year.

Over at Grand Theft Auto 6 has already been awarded it’s first – of many – accolades, taking the top spot above Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Marvel’s Wolverine and Dragon’s Dogma 2.

The debut trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI offered a tantalizing glimpse to the richness and next-gen visual splendor that’ll await PS5 players when they visit Vice City. And by the record number of views that trailer has received to date, the city’s population is set to explode when the game launches in 2025.

The first of many? You can count on it. Grand Theft Auto 6 has secured Rockstar’s position as The Daddy of game developers.

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