Players of EA Sports FC 24 are unhappy about the $30 loot box

While EA’s soccer game might have a new name, the controversy surrounding loot boxes remains. Players of EA Sports FC 24 are particularly displeased with a $30 loot box.

This refers to the Elite Season Opener Pack that was launched when EA Sports FC 24 was still only available in early access. Players who had to wait for the official release thus potentially started at a disadvantage as they couldn’t spend money on Ultimate Team packs as quickly.

Spending money on Ultimate Team packs is, of course, what players are expected to do if they want to build a decent team at a reasonable pace. However, there are issues with the Elite Season Opener Pack priced at $30.

According to many players, the pack is simply not worth the money. For that $30, you do receive 45 Rare Gold players with a score of 80 or higher, but the odds of getting a 90+ rated player are only 5.6%. Additionally, among those 45 cards, there can be “loan cards”. These are players you can only use for a limited number of matches, after which the card disappears.

$30 is a lot of money for what you ultimately receive, and that’s not all. As is often the case with microtransactions, the game doesn’t let you purchase 3000 FC Coins in one go. As a result, you have to accumulate the 3000 coins through multiple purchases, often leaving you with surplus coins that you can’t use unless you buy more coins to reach a usable amount.

In short: while EA Sports FC 24 is no longer FIFA, the game still demonstrates, especially in terms of loot boxes and microtransactions, how not to do it.

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