5 Blockchain-Based Games That You Can Play Right Now

Blockchain games are metaverse games built on various blockchain platforms that incorporate play-to-earn elements. In the past, games were just for fun, and creators made money. However, evolution of blockchain games has paved the path to have fun with gaming and in the mean time also make money. Well, before the evolution of play-to-earn games, some people were already making money through streaming and publishing game content on video sharing platforms, however, play-to-earn feature in blockchain games has made possible to earn just by playing games.

Here are 5 Blockchain-based games that you can try playing right now.  

REVV Racing

REVV Racing is a fun arcade simulation car racing game that’s a part of the REVV Motorsport metaverse. Since it’s a blockchain-based game, the cars you race with are actually NFTs (non-fungible tokens). You can purchase and trade these cars on NFT marketplace OpenSea. You can play the game on your PC or console. To get started, you need to buy REVV Racing NFT Car and then and install Metamask wallet.


MIR4 is a visually stunning Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Game powered by Unreal Engine. It allows gamers to embark on epic adventures by selecting from four distinct playable classes. MIR4 comes with a PVP mode where players can fight against other player. MIR4 also enables gamers to earn in-game tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for popular cryptocurrencies or fiat money through crypto exchange platforms. You can play MIR4 on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.

Coinhunt World

Coinhunt World is based on Pokemon Go. Players will have to explore digital maps, find keys, and answering trivia questions. Each correct answer earns you rewards in bitcoin and ethereum. You can play Coinhunt World on mobile devices.


Cryptofights is a multiplayer game. Despite still in its beta testing phase, Cryptofights has already built a huge community of over 200,000 players. Setting itself apart from other play-to-earn games where rewards are garnered through the collection of tokens and NFTs, Cryptofights offers direct earning opportunities that are based solely on how you perform in the game. Cryptofights is accessible on both PC and mobile platforms. This fighting strategy game is built on BSV blockchain and is created with Unity 3D engine.


MetaGods is a MMORPG is built on Binance Smart Chain. Players have to navigate a barrage of bullets while taking on the roles of gods and demigods as they venture into perilous dungeons in search of epic loot. You will have to first purchase NFT character to play the game. Each NFT character you buy has unique capabilities.It is a browser based game that can be accessed by going to metagods.gg.

Special mention goes to The Sandbox and Splinterlands

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