WWE 2K24 Most Wanted Features

WWE 2K24 must be getting really close to getting officially announced and I am pretty excited as WWE 2K23 was a fantastic wrestling game that was packed with features and best of all, was actually fun to play. I am a huge wrestling fan, I have a WWF game on both my top 5 PlayStation games and top 5 Dreamcast games. Anyway, even with WWE 2K23 being good, there are many things I would love to see, but I decided to narrow it down to five new WWE 2K24 features I would like to see.

Let me know what you hope to see in WWE 2K24 in the comments section.

An Expanded MyGM Mode

It was so awesome how 2K brought MyGM Mode back and they have expanded upon it since they initially brought it back. However, as awesome as it is in WWE 2K23, WWE 2K24 needs to take it even further. I think having it based around the territory system and allowing us to use the likes of WCCW and Stampede Wrestling, perhaps even some international promotions would be epic. They already tested the waters with this by having WCW in WWE 2K23 so this to me is the next step. More GMs and more special abilities and cards would be fun too. I would also like the option to play the mode straight, without any cards or special abilities.

More Polish In MyRise

WWE 2K23 offered two fun MyRise stories, I particularly liked The Legacy one about being the niece of a former WWE Superstar. The objectives, the RPG like elements your character has and the story were all good and they are on the right track with this mode. However, there is one thing that takes me out of MyRise and that is the presentation. I played WWE 2K23 on the PlayStation 5 and the cut scenes are horrible. Terrible facial animations, robotic looking characters, and just a general lack of pizzazz can make it hard to look at. The mode is fine gameplay wise, I just want them to brighten up the look and give it a bit more polish.

Something New With Showcase Mode

Playing events from the past has been a staple of WWE games since WWE 13 and I do not see that stopping with WWE 2K24. Last year’s mode with John Cena was fantastic. However, for as good as it was, I would like to see them add something new. A showcase mode where we get to rewrite history instead of reliving it is something that I think would be a lot of fun. One other thing I want to add about Showcase mode is that in WWE 2K23 before I even started, I put it on easy! The reason why is that I hate how there are no checkpoints in Showcase mode! You complete every objective and then the AI gets cheap right at the end, you lose and you have to start the whole thing from scratch!

MyFaction Needs To Be Fairer!

On paper, MyFaction is the most awesome mode ever in a WWE game. Mixing wrestling with card collecting and adding in some arcade and even some light RPG type stuff makes for a fun mix. What I love best about this mode is the various events that take place. However, for as good as MyFaction is, it has two things that I hate and I mean hate with a passion. I hate how the attires that they add for MyFaction mode can only be used in this mode! There is absolutely zero reason for them to do this and it drives me insane. Also, in WWE 2K24 they need to make this mode fairer. Some of the higher challenges are the most frustrating and cheap things you will ever do in a wrestling game, especially matches that have more than one opponent in them!

No More Multiple Versions Of The Same Wrestler!

I need to explain myself here! I love how we get different versions of the same wrestler in the WWE games. I would happily have a 92, 94, 95, 97, 98, 02, 05 version of Shawn Michaels in the game. However, if this were the case each one of those different attires would use a different slot! Load up the game with as many versions of the same wrestler as you can, but the character selection screen takes an age to scroll through because of this. Why not just have Shawn Michaels and when I click on him all the different versions then pop up? Then you click on the one you want and then you can select a different color for that attire if you want. I know this may seem minor to some people, but for me, this is something I would really like to see implemented in the game.

To be honest, I could probably have done at least another five things I would like to see, but I feel five is a good place to start. While these are the things I want, let me know in the comments section what new features or what improvements you want to see in WWE 2K24.

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