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Kingdom Hearts is a JRPG franchise with 13 titles spanning a period of 20 years. The game enjoys a strong fan following, thus, making people highly anticipate the latest installment in this epic saga Kingdom Hearts 4, For those who share our passion for the Kingdom Hearts franchise, here’s a roundup of essential information about the new game.

When Will Kingdom Hearts 4 Release?

Kingdom Heart 4 was announced in 2022 during the 20th anniversary of the release of the first game. However, Square Enix has not announced any official release date. The developer has always taken a long time for major release and based on Kingdom Heart 3 timeline, we can expect that it will take at least 5 years. Kingdom Hearts 3 was released in 2019 so we can assume that Kingdom Hearts 4 will be released in 2024.

On Which Platforms Will Kingdom Hearts 4 Release?

Kingdom Hearts 4 will probably be released on PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X/S. There is also a chance that the game will be released for PC via Steam or Epic.

Where is Kingdom Hearts 4 Set?

Kingdom Hearts 4 is set after the events of Kingdom Hearts 3 and Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, The game is set in Quadratum, a Tokyo-like city, complete with a fictionalized Shibuya and Minami-Aoyama. Quadratum serves as both an afterworld for Sora and Strelitzia and the actual world for its inhabitants. Quadratum will serve as the central hub world that players return to after venturing into other realms. Sora’s luxurious apartment will function as a home base.

What is the Storyline of Kingdom Hearts 4?

Predicting the storyline of Kingdom Hearts 4 is no easy task as the previous games had intricate narratives. Possibly, following the conclusion of the Dark Seeker Arc in Kingdom Hearts 3, Kingdom Hearts 4 will be the beginning of the Lost Master Arc, In the trailer we can see a swarm of Shadow Heartless uniting to become a colossal threat in Quadratum, while two members of Organization XIII oversee Sora’s battle against this menace.

What Kind of Gameplay Can We Expect in Kingdom Hearts 4?

Possibly, Sora will retain the parkour elements and Keyblade transformations that were introduced in Kingdom Hearts 3. It is also expected that the Keyblade will function as a grappling hook, enabling Sora to traverse long distances and reach elevated platforms. The return of the Reaction Commands feature has also been confirmed. Likewise, a new battle mechanic “Scrap and Build” has also been planned for the game, however, details have not been revealed.

  1. Honestly seeing how long it took Square Enix to deliver Kingdom Hearts 3, I don’t see 4 coming out next year. 3 was originally supposed to be released on the Playstation 3, and was announced sometime after 2 was released in 2005. The title didn’t get released until early 2019, 14 years after the release of the 2nd game. Though there were a few other titles released in between 2 and 3 that are canon to the game’s plot. Anyways this is my spouse’s favorite gaming franchise, while I barely played the first game and haven’t played any of the other titles I get my knowledge about the lore from them.

  2. I am a big fan of Kingdom Hearts, I have completed Kingdom Hearts 1 and Kingdom Hearts 2 multiple times, and I have also completed KH 3, Chain of Memories, Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days, Kingdom Hearts 3 was not one of my favorites so I hope Square Enix makes changes for kingdom hearts 4 and not make it as simple as kingdom hearts 3, on the other hand I do not expect Kingdom hearts 4 to be released next year in 2024 knowing that a short time ago Square Enix launched Final fantasy XVI and now it is going to launch Final Fantasy VII rebirth

  3. Square Enix have been delaying the production of Kingdom Hearts 4 for so long. Since they haven’t announced any official date for when the game will be released, they are facing a serious problem which they are not making public. They must have been delayed with the development of Final Fantasy 16, I’m not sure.

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