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Victor Chevalier revealed as new character for Tekken 8

Bandai Namco has just unveiled a fresh addition to the Tekken 8 lineup: Victor Chevalier, the latest character revealed in an exciting new trailer.

Victor Chevalier originates from France and appears to be an older gentleman who we see dressed in a grey suit. He seems as though he may be some kind of secret agent who may very well be skilled in combat from looking at his behaviour and his demeanour.

Chevalier employs a variety of weapons in combat, ranging from a small dagger, a laser sword, to a pistol. In the widely viewed trailer, viewers can witness Chevalier in action, showcasing his diverse repertoire of attacks. Each weapon he wields serves a distinct purpose:

  • The dagger gives him rapid and swift strikes
  • The sword gives him longer-ranged slash attacks
  • The pistol gives him access to a ranged projectile.

Chevalier also has some form of teleportation as well which looks very similar to Raven who also makes an appearance in the trailer. This may mean that both Victor and Raven have some ties to each other.

Bandai Namco has officially revealed that Victor’s character is voiced by the renowned actor Vincent Cassel. Cassel is famous for his work in notable film roles such as Irreversible, Ocean’s Twelve, and Black Swan.

Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada took tosocial media site X to reveal the following:

Victor is the first French fighter for the TEKKEN franchise, I have had the idea of a French character in my mind for a long time and it finally came to fruition. Thanks to Vincent Cassel for inspiring me and for voicing him. And the stage is Paris itself, where I took my first Seine River cruise over 20 years ago.

Katsuhio Harada

Below, you’ll find the latest Tekken 8 trailer, showcasing Raven, the introduction of Victor Chevalier and previously unseen gameplay footage.

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  • Debashis 9 November 2023

    Although I’ve never played Tekken, I’ve heard a lot about the game and I’ve also watched some clips of its gameplay. It’s fabulous just like this Tekken 8 gameplay footage which looks quite impressive.

  • Heatman 10 November 2023

    Tekken have always been one of my favorite fighting games. I had a very good time playing Tekken 7, so I’m definitely looking forward to when I’m going to play Tekken 8. Victor Chevalier is a great addition to the list of new characters in Tekken 8. I’m definitely going to give him a play run to see how good he is.

  • Alex 12 November 2023

    In theory, there are a greater number of characters on the Tekken 8 roster that use magic, weaponry, and ridiculous combat strategies than those who are based in conventional martial arts.

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