Top 5 Christmas Games

Ok, so saying that these are the top 5 Christmas games is a bit of a stretch as they are not technically games about Christmas. However, some are set during Christmas, have Christmas elements or for one reason or another make me think of Christmas when I am playing them and that is why they have made my list. With the holiday season fast approaching these are five games that I always play during the month.

With that in mind, these are my top 5 Christmas games. I would love to know what games you feel have the Christmas spirit in the comments section below. No matter if they are actual games based on Christmas, games with Christmas themed levels, or if they just remind you of Christmas, I would love to hear all about it.


Chapter 3

Ahh, Rockstar why have you not remastered or made a sequel to Bully? The Bully Scholarship Edition for Xbox 360 is the one that I play. Anyway, it is Chapter 3 we are talking about here as it is set during Christmas. From Jimmy wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, throwing snowballs at elves, and a bad Santa that would make a great buddy for Billy Bob Thornton. This is probably my favorite section of the game and it is always gets me in the holiday mood!

Batman Arkham Origins

Gotham City Durning Christmas

I recently ranked the Arkham Series and while I put Arkham Origins here at the bottom of my list I still like the game. This is not an actual level or a specific section of the game, but the fact that the game takes place during the holiday season. Taking place on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day makes for a very festive way to put a beating on some thugs. The way Gotham is covered in snow and the few Christmas displays that you see around the city make this one of the most interesting games to be set during Christmas.

Kingdom Hearts II

Christmas Town

There is a very good Nightmare Before Christmas video game, but the Christmas Town section in that is nowhere near as good as the one in Kingdom Hearts II. From helping Sandy Claws out in the factory to just running around Christmas Town, it captures the look and feel of this part of the movie perfectly well. The music is also awesome and there is no way it cannot get you into the festive spirit. I am a huge Kingdom Hearts fan and to this day, Christmas Town remains my favorite area of any Kingdom Hearts game.

Donkey Kong Country

Snow Barrel Blast

Next up we have one that is not actually set at Christmas, but this level always reminds me of the holidays as I got Donkey Kong Country along with NBA Jam for my birthday in November of 1994. I remember playing and loving Donkey Kong Country all the way up to Christmas and the Snow Barrel Blast section always makes me think of Christmas. It is a snow themed level, but it is the way the snow gets heavier and heavier as the level goes on that does it for me. To be honest, apart from snow, what the hell does this actually have to do with Christmas? I do not know, but I always make a point to play this level during the holiday season and it gives me Christmas vibes.

Diddy Kong Racing

Frosty Village

I know it is kind of crazy to think that out of all the video games in the world, the number one thing that gets me in a festive mood is not a level, a costume, or a whole game based on Christmas, but a single track from a racing game. I love Diddy Kong Racing (it is way better than Mario Kart 64!) it has lots of great tracks, but nothing gets me into the holiday mood more than Frosty Village. It is like you are driving through Lap Land or perhaps some little Christmas market. While I love the visuals of this course, it is the music that does it for me. It is the most upbeat and fun Christmas jingle ever created… yeah I said that. I have a Christmas playlist that we play during Christmas Day and this song is on it multiple times!

I do want to give an honorable mention to Stardew Valley with its Feast of the Winter Star Festival, Batman Returns on the SNES, and Dead Rising 4 as they came really close to making my list. Hey, maybe they are on yours so be sure to leave your favorite Christmas video games in the comments section as I would love to know what other games, I should be playing to help get me in the festive spirit!

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