Third Star Wars Jedi Game Confirmed!

Cameron Monaghan, widely recognized from his roles in the U.S. series Shameless and Gotham, recently confirmed exciting news for Star Wars gamers: a third installment in the Star Wars Jedi video game series is currently in development. This revelation follows the successful launches of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order in 2019 and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor in 2023, both of which were produced by EA’s Respawn Entertainment and have since become fan favorites.

Monaghan, who lends his voice and likeness to the protagonist Cal Kestis, shared the news during a panel at Ocala Comic Con. He indicated that the project was already underway: “We’re working on a third, and we’re in the process of doing that right now.” He also mentioned the complexity of the project and ongoing discussions, expressing hope for what they could ultimately deliver: “That’s a big undertaking and there have been some conversations so far, but hopefully, when all things are said and done, we’ll be able to go in and make something really cool.”

In parallel, the Star Wars Jedi gaming community received a jolt with the news that Stig Asmussen, the director of the previous two Jedi games, has left Respawn to pursue other projects. This departure raises questions about who will lead the creative direction of the upcoming third game.

Exploring the Legacy of ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ and ‘Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order set the stage for a new direction in Star Wars storytelling within the gaming industry. Released in 2019, the game introduced players to Cal Kestis, a young Jedi Padawan who survived Order 66, the infamous purge that led to the near-extermination of the Jedi Order. The game was praised for its engaging story, complex characters, and tight gameplay mechanics that balanced lightsaber combat with Force abilities. Set across various iconic planets from the Star Wars universe, players navigated challenging terrains, solved puzzles, and battled both the Empire and local fauna. The narrative depth and high-quality production values helped it secure a spot as one of the top Star Wars games of the decade.

In 2023, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor picked up five years after the events of Fallen Order. The sequel expanded on its predecessor’s foundations, enhancing gameplay mechanics, including more diverse combat options, and introducing new characters alongside deeper explorations of Cal’s struggle against the Empire. Survivor also introduced more complex moral dilemmas and a darker tone, reflecting Cal’s evolution from a fledgling survivor to a seasoned Jedi fighting in an increasingly oppressive galaxy. The game’s ability to build on the emotional and narrative stakes set by its predecessor garnered acclaim, with critics and players alike praising its mature storytelling and improved gameplay.

As fans speculate about Star Wars Jedi 3, they hope to see further evolution in gameplay and story. The first two games have set high expectations with their focus on character development and cinematic storytelling. Players are particularly keen on how the next game will continue Cal Kestis’s journey. Will it introduce new allies or terrifying adversaries? How will the gameplay evolve to keep players engaged while staying true to the Star Wars lore?

The series has been instrumental in redefining Star Wars video games, offering a rich narrative experience combined with thrilling gameplay. As the third installment is in its early stages, the community is buzzing with anticipation and speculation. While the departure of a key figure like Stig Asmussen might introduce new challenges, it also opens the door for fresh creative visions.

As we await further details on Star Wars Jedi 3, it’s clear that the series has left a significant mark on the landscape of gaming and Star Wars storytelling. With a blend of beloved characters, gripping plots, and innovative gameplay, the next chapter promises to be as exhilarating as the adventures that preceded it.

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