The Last of Us Game vs. The Last of Us TV Show

The Last of Us is an action-adventure video game released in 2013. The game was adapted for TV and released in 2023. The TV show and the game follow the same storyline and have the same characters, however, there are some differences.

In this article, we will try to analyze the similarities and differences between The Last of Us game and The Last of Us TV show.

The major differences between The Last of Us game and The Last of Us TV show

Timeline: Before jumping to the apocalyptic future of 2033, The Last of Us game opens in 2013 (the release date of the game), however, the TV show opens in 2003 and then jumps into 2023 (the show’s release date).

Point of view: A large portion of the game is in Joel’s point-of-view, except for a brief segment, nonetheless, the show offers an omniscient view, showing us what other characters are doing and offering the viewers numerous flashbacks throughout its nine episodes.

Original content: HBO has included some original content in the TV show that is not available in the game.

Generally speaking, the TV show and game do not have too many differences. If you want to know which one is better, we cannot give you an exact answer as it depends on the personal taste of the player and viewer.

Key Differences and Similarities in the Characters in the Game and TV Show

Key Differences

Despite having the same major characters, there is a slight difference in the character portrayal in the game and the TV show

Sam: In the game, Sam is perfectly fine but on the TV show, he has a hearing impairment.

Henry: The first season of The Last of US TV show does not feature Henry, however, in the game, he is the loving guardian to his younger brother, Sam.

Tess: Tess’s fate is sealed with a bite from the infected in the game as well as the TV show. Tess’s sacrifice to save Joel and Ellie is portrayed differently.

New characters: HBO has included some original content in the TV show by introducing new characters that are not present in the game.


Joel Miller: On both the TV show and the game, Joel is the central character. He is a survivor of the Cordyceps fungus pandemic and his responsibility is to escort Ellie across the country to the Fireflies.

Ellie Williams: Ellie is a young girl who is immune to the Cordyceps fungus, and the second most important character in the game and TV show.

Tess: Tess is a supporting character in both the game and TV. He is a smuggler who works with Joel.

Marlene: On both, the game and TV show, Marlene is a supporting character and the leader of the Fireflies.

Bill: Bill is portrayed as a loner living in a small town in both the game and TV show

Riley: Riley is Ellie’s best friend in both the game and TV show

Tommy Miller: Tommy is Joel’s younger brother in the game as well as TV show

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