The Inception of Kanoogi and Development of Intergalactic Space Empire

The inception of Kanoogi can be traced back to the vision and persistence of Chris Taylor, a veteran in the gaming industry known for his work on titles like Hardball II and Total Annihilation. About ten years ago, Taylor began investigating the feasibility of delivering a rich gaming experience through web browsers. Despite the limited browser compatibility at the time, particularly across different platforms, Taylor was encouraged by the capabilities of browsers such as Google Chrome. His initial experiments led to the creation of The Infinite Desktop, an innovative concept featuring a virtually limitless desktop space populated with interconnected applications. These apps remained persistent across sessions, demonstrating the potential for creating immersive and continuous user experiences on the web​.

However, Taylor’s resources were limited, and he couldn’t pursue this vision further at that time. Instead, he continued to gather insights and knowledge from these early experiments. By October 2016, after years of contributing to large game studios like GPG and Wargaming, Taylor felt a renewed urge to return to hands-on game development. His passion for coding, which started at the age of 14 on a TRS-80, was a driving force. Taylor reminisced about his early career days when he was deeply involved in writing the code that powered games. The growing disconnect between the business aspects and the art of game creation in large studios further fueled his desire to embark on a new project.

Birth of Intergalactic Space Empire (IGSE)

Intergalactic Space Empire (IGSE) was conceived during this period of renewed creative energy. The idea of a game that could be played on nearly any device, regardless of the user’s location, was compelling. Taylor recognized the advancements in browser technology and cloud computing, particularly the enhanced performance of JavaScript through engines like Google’s V8. These advancements made the prospect of a browser-based game more viable than ever before. Taylor decided to build much of the technology himself to ensure high performance, a necessity for gaming systems.

Kanoogi: From Platform to Vision

Initially, Kanoogi was designed to support IGSE, but Taylor soon realized its potential to support a wide range of games and interactive experiences. This realization marked the transformation of Kanoogi from a single-game platform to a versatile, cloud-based gaming platform. The mission of Kanoogi became clear: to deliver games to billions of players globally in a matter of seconds, playable on virtually any modern web-enabled device, including regions with limited access to high-speed internet​.

Technical Challenges and Innovations

Developing IGSE and the Kanoogi platform involved overcoming numerous technical challenges. Taylor’s extensive research into web technologies, cloud computing, and performance optimization was critical. He explored the capabilities of modern web technologies, such as WebAssembly (WASM), to ensure that Kanoogi could deliver high-performance gaming experiences. The integration of cloud computing played a significant role, allowing games to be accessible and responsive, regardless of the player’s device capabilities​.

One of the key technical innovations in Kanoogi was the ability to run games directly in a web browser. This approach eliminated the need for high-end hardware, making games accessible to a broader audience. Taylor’s focus on creating a seamless and high-performance gaming experience led to the development of custom solutions tailored to the specific needs of the platform and IGSE. This included creating efficient server architectures and leveraging the power of cloud computing to handle the demanding requirements of modern games​.

Design Evolution of Intergalactic Space Empire

The design of IGSE evolved significantly over time. Taylor’s vision for the game included a mix of strategic depth and tactical gameplay. He initially experimented with space-based combat but found it challenging to create engaging gameplay that satisfied his design sense. After years of iteration, he decided to shift the focus to ground-based combat, which allowed for more strategic and tactical elements. This change brought a new dimension to the game, emphasizing clever and innovative gameplay strategies.

Taylor’s reflections on the balance between strategy and tactics influenced the core mechanics of IGSE. He aimed for a 70/30 ratio, favoring strategic planning over fast-paced tactical maneuvers. This approach differentiated IGSE from other real-time strategy (RTS) games, which often emphasize quick reflexes and high-speed clicking. By incorporating elements like terrain and resource management into the gameplay, Taylor created a game that rewarded thoughtful planning and strategic decision-making.

Community and Feedback

Throughout the development of IGSE and Kanoogi, Taylor emphasized the importance of community feedback. He encouraged players to share their thoughts and experiences, particularly those who had played his earlier games like Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander. This feedback loop was crucial in refining the game’s design and ensuring it met the expectations of its audience. Taylor’s openness to community input and his willingness to iterate on the game’s design based on this feedback were instrumental in shaping the final product.

The Role of Generative AI and Future Directions

In recent years, advancements in generative AI and cloud computing have influenced the development of Kanoogi and IGSE. Taylor was fascinated by the potential of generative AI to enhance gaming experiences, from creating dynamic content to improving game design processes. Although these technologies did not directly change the development trajectory of IGSE, they provided new tools and possibilities for future projects.

Looking ahead, Taylor envisions Kanoogi as a platform that continues to innovate and adapt to emerging technologies. The goal is to create a flexible and robust environment for game developers to bring their visions to life, while also providing players with engaging and accessible gaming experiences. As cloud computing becomes more powerful and cost-effective, the potential for Kanoogi to deliver high-quality games to a global audience will only grow.


The story of Kanoogi and Intergalactic Space Empire is a testament to Chris Taylor’s dedication and vision in the gaming industry. From the early days of experimenting with web technologies to creating a versatile cloud-based gaming platform, Taylor’s journey has been marked by innovation and a deep passion for game development. Intergalactic Space Empire, as Kanoogi’s flagship game, exemplifies this journey, combining strategic depth with modern web technology to offer a unique and engaging experience. As Kanoogi continues to evolve, it holds the promise of bringing high-quality gaming to a broader audience, fulfilling Taylor’s mission of delivering games to billions of players worldwide.

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