“The Day Before” delayed again, new trailer is a rip-off of GTA V

After a lot of fuss, “The Day Before,” a post-apocalyptic zombie survival MMO, was finally set to release on November 10th, but unfortunately, the release has been delayed once again.

The new release date is now set for December 7th. It is an early access release, which the developers are using to somewhat protect themselves from potential release issues. The price tag is $39.

They have also released a new trailer, but while it does show more of the game, the footage doesn’t immediately instill confidence. It remains a fact that no one has actually been able to play the game yet, and we have to rely on what the developers show us. Additionally, this trailer, like previous ones, appears to be a copy of another trailer.

Previously, they copied a Call of Duty trailer frame by frame, and now it’s clear that they’ve taken inspiration from a GTA V trailer. All in all, it remains very uncertain what kind of game we will ultimately be presented with on December 7th.

  1. I’m not excited for this game. Personally, I feel like it’s gonna be a flop just based on the amount of delays alone and the little we’ve seen of it until recently. I hope i’m wrong but I have little to no faith inn this title being good.

  2. I guess they just want to have everything ready and in perfect condition by the time the game is going to be released, but I don’t know why put dates if they don’t have the game finished yet, it’s better to put a release date when you have the game finished and you’ll only use the remaining time to make small improvements and add details, If you don’t have the game finished, don’t set a release date, that will only make the audience unhappy if you are delayed.

  3. I don’t see this game being successful, the fact that it not only got delayed but ripped off GTA V and even COD shows that this is going to flop. They can’t seem to pick a good date to release the game and stealing concepts and copying triple A titles just isn’t a good look.

  4. It’s frustrating when a game keeps getting pushed back, especially after so much anticipation. The new trailer doesn’t do much to instill confidence either, with its apparent similarities to other game trailers. When a game lacks authenticity, it automatically becomes less desirable to play. And I feel this is one of those games.

  5. When they are constantly delaying the game, it shows that something is seriously wrong. Although, I’m going to support delaying the game until they get it right. I wouldn’t like what happened with Cyberpunk 2077 to repeat with the game.

  6. As was apparently the situation in its earlier CoD Zombies-style vehicle trailer, developer Fntastic appears to have copied photos off any teaser for their latest one. However, Grand Theft Auto V is strongly referenced in the most recent trailer, including the soundtrack, tone, the storyteller, and the very storyline.

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