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Steam Vs. Epic Games Store: A Battle of Gaming Platforms

The global gaming industry is estimated to be $281.77 billion in 2023 projected to be $665 billion by 2030. The PC gaming alone controls 21 percent of the market share. Some of the popular game distribution services include Seam, Epic, Green Man Gaming, GamersGate,, etc. Out of all these game distribution platforms, Steam and Epic Game Store are the most popular services. Both of these platforms have their own unique features and advantages and cater to different preferences. In this article, we will compare Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Game Library

Steam: Steam has been in the market for 20 years, it has a huge library with over 50 thousand games. You can find anything from indie games to AAA blockbusters, and all sorts of genres.

Epic Games Store: Epic is a new kid on the block, it has been in existence since 2018 and offers just about 1800 games. However, Epic is growing rapidly.

Exclusive Titles

Steam: Even though Steam has a bigger library, a lot of games on Steam are also available on other platforms, therefore, Steam offers a limited number of exclusive titles. Steam is mainly focused on providing a game release platform for developers.

Epic Games Store: Despite being a new gaming platform, a lot of games are exclusively available on Epic Game Store, for instance, Fortnite, Control, and The Outer Worlds. Securing an exclusive release has helped Epic grow very popular among gamers.

User Interface and Features

Steam: Users can create personalized libraries and profiles on Steam making the interface highly customizable. Steam features like a workshop for mods, in-game chat, and a friend system.

Epic Games Store: Despite having a clean and user-friendly interface, Epic lacks a lot of features offered by Steam.

Free Games and Discounts

Steam: Steam offers games for discounted prices by frequently running sales. It also has a huge library of free games.

Epic Games Store: Epic runs weekly free game giveaways, and also occasionally offers discounts on games. Epic is very popular among budget-conscious gamers.

Revenue Sharing for Developers

Steam: Steam charges a 30 percent commission for the developers but the commission rate will go down to 20 or even 15 percent for the games with huge sales.

Epic Games Store: The Epic Games Store charges only 12 percent, so it is developing as a developers’ favorite platform.

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  • The Raven 25 October 2023

    I love Steam more because it has much more games and plenty of them are free, however Epic Games gives free games every weak and those games can sometimes cost up to 40 bucks. I recall when I got for free “Among us”. It was an amazing experience.

    But, the main thing is to have both of them and just collect free games, you never know when will you get some awesome game! Plus, if you are a person who want to finish any game until the end, you may want to have all and play all 😀

  • Ja sa bong 25 October 2023

    There are much more games on Steam than any other game store. It’s why Steam is the most popular gaming store. Epic Games have good games too but Steam is bigger in every aspect of a gaming store. I make use of Steam more than I use Epic Games.

  • Alex 12 November 2023

    Some great points mentioned here. I’d always opt for Epic Games rather than Steam. Customer service is better, and Epic release new video games each month giving one away for free too. Oh, did I mention? They also made Fortnite for FREE.

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