Starfield surpasses one million concurrent users.

The sheer magnitude of Starfield’s universe is nothing short of awe-inspiring. As highlighted in our succinct summary, Bethesda’s ambitious spacefaring RPG presents us with a cosmos that stretches beyond the limits of comprehension, featuring a staggering array of over a thousand planets, all nestled within a sprawling, immersive open world.

This monumental scale has unquestionably left an indelible mark on the imaginations of players worldwide. It’s evident in the enthusiastic response from none other than Xbox’s Phil Spencer himself, who took to Twitter to share his excitement, thus amplifying the widespread anticipation surrounding this groundbreaking game. Starfield’s promise of an expansive and enthralling universe has ignited a fervor among gamers that is truly undeniable.

Starfield has garnered adoration from both players and critics alike.

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