Space Invaders: Stellar Warfare’s Galactic RTS Adventure

If you’re a fan of classic RTS games like Homeworld and Command & Conquer, then Stellar Warfare is a title you should keep an eye on. This game, currently in Early Access, clearly draws inspiration from those classics, but it’s carving out its own niche in the genre. Here’s a breakdown of my experience with the game so far.

Graphics and Design

The ship designs in Stellar Warfare are a real treat. They’re unique and well-thought-out, making each fleet battle visually engaging. However, I did find myself questioning some of the categorization and descriptions of the ship frames. It’s mostly an aesthetic issue, but a bit more clarity would enhance the experience. On the plus side, certain ship frames come with innate abilities, adding a strategic layer to fleet composition. That said, I wish there were more customization options for carriers.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Stellar Warfare simplifies resource gathering and management, which allows players to focus on the main event: fleet battles. There’s a good variety of weapons and modules to collect, ensuring that you can tailor your fleet to your preferred playstyle. New players might face a steep learning curve, but Homeworld veterans will feel right at home. The large 3D environments offer great tactical flexibility, and resource placement encourages the use of both static defenses and mobile forces, which are well-balanced against each other.

AI and Difficulty

One area where Stellar Warfare could use improvement is the AI settings. The difficulty seems to scale by providing the AI with more resources rather than improving its strategy. This can limit your strategic options, especially in skirmish mode where starving the AI of resources isn’t a viable tactic. Hopefully, this is something that will be addressed in future updates.

Audio and Immersion

The game’s sound design is fantastic, and the controls, while having a learning curve, work well once you get the hang of them. The atmospheric soundtrack enhances the feeling of vastness in space, and the visual spectacle of fleet battles is quite satisfying.

Story and Mod Support

The storyline in Stellar Warfare is currently minimal and seems to be a work in progress. However, the game supports mods, which is always a plus in my book. This can significantly extend the game’s lifespan and replayability.

Community and Development

Developed by the Dutch team Tense Games, Stellar Warfare is supported by a passionate community. The developer is active on Twitch, streaming their progress and engaging with fans, which bodes well for the game’s future. Regular updates and the addition of new features, like super-ships and cooperative wave defense modes, show that the developers are committed to improving and expanding the game.


Stellar Warfare scratches an itch that few games can. If you love commanding space fleets and watching spectacular battles unfold, this game is definitely worth checking out. While it has some rough edges, particularly with the AI and tutorial, its solid foundation and active development suggest a bright future. Keep an eye on this one – it’s bound to evolve into something special.


  • Graphics: Great!
  • Sound: Great!
  • Controls: Learning curve, but works great once you learn it
  • Gameplay: AI needs work, but overall engaging
  • Storyline: Minimal, WIP
  • Mod support: Yes!
  • Overall: Definitely worth supporting and following as it evolves

Stellar Warfare might just become the next big thing in space RTS games. If you’re intrigued, head over to the developer’s Patreon for more information and to join the community.


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