Sony Need To Make A PS2 Classic

Nintendo struck gold with their NES and SNES Classic Mini consoles and Sega did a fantastic job with their Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Classic Mini console as well. However, we have to be honest and say that the PlayStation Classic was a massive letdown! It has a terrible lineup of games; the quality is average at best and it just lacks all of the charm of the offerings from Nintendo and Sega…. However, I think that a PlayStation 2 Classic could be huge for Sony!

The Mini Console craze is not fully dead, The Turbo Grafx Mini and the Amiga Mini were great so I would like to see Sony take another stab at it. I feel with the PlayStation 2, Sony would have a much better chance at success. The PS2 has a fantastic library of Sony made first party titles. God of War, Jak II, Twisted Metal Black, Killzone, Dark Cloud, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Sly Cooper, Ratchet & Clank, and Gran Turismo. Those are just the ones that I could think of from the top of my head. Plus, they could get some big hitter 3rd party releases too, the first ones that come to my mind are Resident Evil 4, Final Fantasy X and one of the PS2 GTA games.

I know that some people may say that PlayStation 2 games are way too big for something like this, but I disagree. You can get a 512 Micro SD card for next to nothing on Amazon which means Sony could probably get them or make them far cheaper. The PS2 games came on DVDs meaning games at most are going to be 4.7GB so storage is not an issue for something like this at all!

Sony could throw in a couple of controllers and it would be an absolute winner! Of course, the price on something like this is likely to be expensive, but if they could keep it in the 150 to 200 bucks price range I for one think that with the games I mentioned above (and a few more key titles I have probably forgotten), that would be a great price. Especially as it would allow you to play these PlayStation 2 games via HDMI!

This is something that I just do not see being a failure at all for Sony. They would surely learn from the mistakes of the first PlayStation Classic and use that knowledge to really knock this out of the park. I would love to hear other people’s thoughts on if they think the PlayStation 2 Classic could ever be a thing and what your dream and realistic game line up for it would be.

  1. I’d love this. I’d but it in a heartbeat. I’d even break my “no preorders” promise to myself.

  2. I think the era of classic mini consoles may be coming to a end. I would love to have a PS2 classic though, but seeing how the PS1 classic didn’t do so well when it first launched I don’t think Sony will be making a PS2 classic. Once people started hacking the PS1 classic however, they sold out especially when they were marked down since Sony discontinued them.

    1. The PS1 classic was poor. I loved my PS1 and looked at the classic offering at it lacked a decent line up. The PS2 was superb with an excellent line up. I think there would be a market.

  3. I really miss the era of the PS2. Technology was a lot more simpler back then, and in the era were some great titles which are no longer supported or updated on the latest operating systems. Great article, really took me for a walk down memory lane

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