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Solium Infernum: Hellish Strategy

What if Diablo’s War for Hell was a fully-fledged strategy game? You’ll soon be able to find out when League of Geek’s remake of Solium Infernum hits this month.

Take the Infernal Throne in this hellish turn-based grand strategy game. The Prince of Darkness has vanished, leaving Archfiends to conspire: muster your legions while intoning dark sorceries, devilish schemes, and machiavellian plots. Who will be the new ruler of Hell and ascend the Throne?

Drawing inspiration from the 2009 original, Solium Infernum thrusts players into the roles of high-ranking demons vying for supremacy in a society governed by rules, cunning intrigues, and legal maneuvering. The ultimate goal is to garner enough support from the conclave and ascend the vacant throne as the ruler of hell.

Contrary to common expectations, hell in Solium Infernum isn’t a chaotic realm of fire and brimstone. Instead, it’s a surprisingly civilized place, reflecting the demons’ penchant for contracts and legalism. In this devilish version of Game of Thrones, success lies in mastering the fine print.

Players will assume the role of one of Hell’s eight great Archfiends, engaging in devious political and military strategies to claim the vacant Infernal Throne. With a wealth of tactics at their disposal, players must bluff, backstab, and sow betrayal on their path to victory.

The game features diverse multiplayer modes, accommodating both time-strapped players and those seeking extended strategic encounters. Asynchronous multiplayer matches support up to six players, with turns taken across several days or weeks and requiring just a few minutes to play every day. For strategy fans favoring immediate action, real-time multiplayer is also available.

Trent Kusters, Co-Founder, and Director of League of Geeks, emphasizes the game’s broad appeal: “Solium Infernum has much to offer both grand strategy enthusiasts and newcomers. We’ve been diligently crafting a game that caters to all players, from those who prefer single-player experiences to multiplayer aficionados who relish competing, betraying, and backstabbing their friends online.”

The gameplay mirrors Civilization crossed with Diablo, compressed into a board game format. With only two actions per turn, players must strategically navigate troop recruitment, army movements, schemes, and artifact market transactions. Turn order becomes a critical factor, adding an additional layer of depth as each player’s actions unfold sequentially.

At the heart of Solium Infernum is a methodical approach, evident in the enduring popularity of hot seat matches played via email for the original 2009 game. Each Archfiend, such as Lilith or Baal, brings unique strengths, weaknesses, and a secret relic that can tip the balance of power.

To secure the hellish throne, players must accumulate prestige through victories in diplomacy, scheming, and war. However, adherence to rules, or strategic exploitation of loopholes, is crucial. Wars are not mere conquests but carefully declared vendettas, complete with casus belli and defined goals.

Battles in Solium Infernum are intricate affairs, with diverse army stat lines and combat phases adding layers of complexity. Strengthening forces involves acquiring demonic legions, generals, and relics through auctions at the market—a competitive process where others can outbid you.

Navigating the game’s intricate mechanics may require patience, but the captivating artwork and visually striking design contribute to an immersive experience. Solium Infernum promises to be a heavyweight in the strategy gaming arena, offering a rich and deep gameplay experience for those willing to invest the time.

As the release date approaches, gamers can anticipate a challenging journey through the depths of hell, where only the shrewdest and most strategic will ascend to the throne. Developed and published by League of Geeks, Solium Infernum is poised to redefine the genre with its complexity and depth, making it a must-watch for strategy gaming enthusiasts.

Following a successful Multiplayer Playtest Weekend, where over 4,000 players engaged in more than 400 matches, Solium Infernum release has been pushed back to February 22, 2024, giving the developers more time to add extra polish. Alongside the multiplayer modes, Solium Infernum offers Chronicles, all-new single-player narrative-driven challenges that explore Hell’s intricate politics, as well as unlimited hours of play thanks to the single-player Skirmish mode. The game promises to lay waste to friendships as players betray and backstab each other in their quest for infernal dominance.

Will you become the new ruler of Hell? Find out soon. Wishlist Solium Infernum of Steam.

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