Overwatch 2: K-Pop Collaboration with Le Sserafim.

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed that they will be bringing their first-ever musical collaboration to its free-to-play hero shooter, Overwatch 2. The first music collaboration will bring the K-Pop group, Le Sserafim.

Both Le Sserafim and Blizzard Entertainment have been working together to make an upcoming music video for the K-pop group. They are also working together to create in-game content for Overwatch 2.

The K-pop group Le Sserafim is made up of five performers, they are the following:

  • Sakura
  • Hong Eunchae
  • Kim Chaewon
  • Kazuha
  • Huh Yunjin

Blizzard Entertainment and Le Sserafim are working together on a music video for the group’s next single, “Perfect Night” which is set to debut on 26th October 2023 at 9 PM PT.

Players of Overwatch 2 will also be seeing a Le Sserafim-inspired custom game mode coming to Overwatch 2 and in-game items exclusive to Le Sserafim such as hero skins will also be coming to the game.

More details about this collaboration and the in-game events will be released on October 30 2023, this has been said by Blizzard themselves. The content itself though will not go live for players until November 1st 2023.

Overwatch General Manager, Walter Kong has written in a press release which you can see quoted below:

We’re extremely excited to be working with Le Sserafim for our game’s first musical artist collaboration, like the heroes of Overwatch, the Le Sserafim members are amazing as individuals, but unstoppable when they come together.

Walter Kong

Le Sserafim will also be making an appearance at BlizzCon this year on November 4 2023. The group will be performing their new single “Perfect Night,” as well as other songs. This will take place in the BlizzCon Arena which will follow the conclusion of the Community Night.

Very exciting times for Overwatch 2 fans and any K-pop fans too!

  1. OMG! This is an amazing news! The collaboration between Blizzard and K-pop sensations Le Sserafim for Overwatch 2, including a music video, in-game content, and a BlizzCon performance, promises thrilling, unmissable excitement for fans. Can’t wait for this!

  2. I am a big fan of K-Pop so I am very excited to see something like this coming to Overwatch 2.

    It is nice to see K-Pop included in more things such as games as I feel it helps bring K-Pop to more people who may not have heard it otherwise. It could also get artists’ music out there more if people want to research who they are and what music they create.

    I will for sure be checking this out when it comes to Overwatch 2.

  3. I am excited about the news. The linkup between Blizzard and K-pop sensations Le Sserafim for the Overwatch 2. The collaboration is simply one that every gamer that likes Overwatch 2 should be looking out for. To see that the K-pop are adding games will give fans something to look out for.

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