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No more third party accessories for Xbox

Starting from November 12th, Microsoft will no longer allow unofficial third-party accessories in the Xbox ecosystem. If you, for instance, connect an “unauthorized” third-party Xbox controller to your console after this date, it will no longer work. Warnings about the new policy are already being displayed when you connect an unofficial accessory.

In a response, Microsoft states that this decision is being made to ensure a high-quality gaming experience. Third-party accessories produced under an official license adhere to specific quality standards that cannot be guaranteed with unofficial accessories, potentially compromising the experience and safety.


  • Ravenfreak 5 November 2023

    Well this is quite disappointing, I’ve heard a few people are upset at this move since they use third party controllers designed for disabled gamers and now their controllers will be obsolete. Also some people like to save money by purchasing third party controllers since they’re much cheaper than the official ones. I’m assuming this won’t affect Power A products, but the controllers I mentioned above are usually sold on sites like Aliexpress.

  • Smokey 6 November 2023

    This seems to be mostly for things like Cronos Max and other peripherals that can be seen as ‘cheating’. If it includes Scuf controllers or 3rd party pro controllers, it could be because they want you to buy their Elite series (Which i use) Which makes sense from a business standpoint.

  • Riberet19 7 November 2023

    I guess Microsoft just wants to protect their business and maximize their sales on their controllers, I think it’s a good move to reduce the level of counterfeits as well, anyway, it’s their console and their business, and they have the right to make such moves to their benefit.

  • Debashis 9 November 2023

    I feel Microsoft took this decision realizing that it’s important for users to have confidence in the compatibility and safety of the products they use. However, this move may limit consumer choice and affordability, as official accessories are often more expensive. It will be interesting to see how this decision affects the overall gaming community.

  • Alex 12 November 2023

    That is simply incorrect. False it’s not about security. It’s merely a means of demanding payment from the gamers. Very dubious methods.

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