Manor Lords Hits 150,000 Concurrent Players in Early Access Debut

The medieval city builder from a one-person studio tops Steam's sales charts with over 3 million wishlists.

A new city-building game, Manor Lords, has taken Steam by storm, quickly climbing to the top of its sales charts and amassing over 150,000 concurrent players within hours of its Early Access release. Published by Hooded Horse and developed by Slavic Magic, Manor Lords garnered significant attention prior to its launch, boasting over 3 million wishlists on Steam.

The game’s early success is evident, with data from SteamDB confirming its rapid rise in player numbers. At the time of this writing, the concurrent player count had peaked at 152,219. This impressive performance underscores the strong interest in medieval city-building games and the anticipation surrounding Manor Lords’ unique blend of city management and real-time strategy elements.

Manor Lords offers players a captivating medieval experience, focusing on city-building, managing an estate, and engaging in real-time battles. While it includes strategic elements, the game is designed to be more laid-back compared to traditional grand strategy games, allowing players to immerse themselves in the aesthetics and atmosphere of their towns.

Despite its early success, developer Greg Styczeń, the one-person team behind Slavic Magic, emphasizes that Manor Lords is still in Early Access, and players should expect bugs and ongoing development. Styczeń has opted not to release a formal roadmap, stating, “I want to adopt the philosophy of ‘listen, verify, implement,'” focusing on player feedback to guide future updates and features.

Manor Lords is also part of Xbox Game Pass for PC, offering subscribers a chance to experience the game at no additional cost. The game’s unique approach to city-building and its emphasis on player feedback have contributed to its remarkable early success, but its sustained popularity will depend on how it continues to evolve during its Early Access phase.

Stay tuned for further updates on Manor Lords’ development and its journey through Early Access. The game’s strong start indicates a promising future, with potential for additional content and community-driven features as it progresses toward full release.

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