Hogwarts Legacy 2 – in development?

The anticipation among Nintendo Switch owners for a magical gaming experience is palpable, and it appears that their patience may soon be rewarded. The development wheels are in motion, and speculations have arisen regarding a sequel to the enchanting Hogwarts Legacy game. While this information comes from a leak, it holds a certain level of credibility due to the leaker’s established presence within the film industry.

Avalanche Software, the esteemed developer behind the original Hogwarts Legacy, is reportedly hard at work crafting the next chapter in the wizarding world. This tantalizing tidbit of news has set the gaming community abuzz, as they eagerly await more details about the potential sequel.

It’s worth noting that leaks, especially in the age of social media, can often be tossed around without substantiated evidence. However, the source behind this particular leak, MyTimeToShineHell, carries a significant degree of legitimacy. Her track record includes previous leaks related to the Marvel universe, a realm filled with secrets and surprises. Having sources entrenched within the TV and film industry, she has been a reliable conduit for exclusive scoops.

This connection between the film industry and video game development hints at the interplay between these two entertainment juggernauts. The wizarding world of Harry Potter, with its rich lore and captivating stories, is a perfect candidate for such cross-media ventures, and a sequel to Hogwarts Legacy could further cement the magical universe’s enduring appeal.

While specifics about the sequel are shrouded in mystery for now, the prospect of returning to Hogwarts, mastering spells, exploring its hallowed halls, and uncovering new mysteries is enough to kindle excitement among fans. As the development progresses and official announcements surface, gamers will be watching closely for any hints of the enchanting adventure that awaits them.

In the end, whether it’s through leaks or official announcements, the magic of the wizarding world has a way of captivating the imagination, and fans can hardly wait to see what Avalanche Software has in store for their next journey into Hogwarts.

It also doesn’t surprise us: Hogwarts Legacy was released in February and is the sales success of the year. With 15 million units sold, the game is at the top of the sales chart. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom takes second place with 8.5 million units. Diablo IV holds the third position.

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