Godzilla Minus One – Official Trailer (2023)

The exciting Trailer for Toho’s ‘Godzilla Minus One’ has landed. Set in post-war Japan and directed by Takashi Yamazaki, Godzilla Minus One is the marks the first live-action Godzilla movie to come out of the Land of the Rising Sun since 2016’s Shin Godzilla.

Koji Ueda, President of Toho International, said in a statement: “Set in a post-war Japan, Godzilla Minus One will once again show us a Godzilla that is a terrifying and overwhelming force, which you already get a sense of from the teaser trailer and poster. The concept is that Japan, which had already been devastated by the war, faces a new threat with Godzilla, bringing the country into the ‘minus.’”

Godzilla Minus One is coming to US theatres on December 1, 2023!

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