Get Early Access to Sanctuary: Shattered Sun

A highly anticipated moment for fans of the real-time strategy genre, Sanctuary: Shattered Sun, an upcoming game that promises to redefine the RTS experience, is now offering early demo access to its Patreon supporters.

The indie game development team behind Sanctuary: Shattered Sun has announced a special opportunity for their community supporters on Patreon. As the game inches closer to its beta phase, Patreon supporters can gain exclusive early access to a pre-alpha version of the game. This move is aimed at gathering valuable player feedback while rewarding those who help fund the development.

Exclusive Access Through Patreon

Starting today, supporters who join or upgrade to Tier 4 on the game’s Patreon page will be granted access to the closed beta testing phase when it becomes available. However, for those eager to dive into the world of Sanctuary immediately, the developers have introduced Tier 5. Members of this tier will receive a Steam key instantly, granting them access to the game in its current pre-alpha state.

The team expressed their excitement about offering fans a sneak peek: “We are slowly rolling out access to our demo version of the game through Patreon, focusing on what our supporters want the most.” This strategy not only helps accelerate the development process by incorporating early feedback but also strengthens the bond with the game’s growing community.

About Sanctuary: Shattered Sun

Sanctuary: Shattered Sun aims to captivate players with its vast and intricate gameplay environment and deep strategic elements. Set on a gigantic Dyson Sphere—a megastructure built around a star to harness its energy—the game features planet-sized battlefields and an immersive narrative that spans across various factions fighting for control.

Epic Scale and Strategic Depth

Players can anticipate battles that span across multiple biomes with the scale and grandeur reminiscent of classic RTS games like Supreme Commander. The game’s maps are vast, offering unique strategic challenges such as manipulable terrain and destructible environments.

Factions and Gameplay

Sanctuary features three distinct factions: the Earth Defence Alliance (EDA), the Chosen, and the Guard. Each faction offers unique strategies and units, from the human-centric EDA’s overwhelming force to the technologically advanced, aesthetic Chosen, and the strategic masters of the battlefield, the Guard.

Advanced Combat and Economy Systems

Unlike typical RTS games that rely on hit points for combat, Sanctuary employs a simulation-driven approach where projectile paths and direct hits affect outcomes, creating a more realistic and intense combat experience. Additionally, the game introduces a flow-based economy system, encouraging players to make strategic decisions that influence not only their military capabilities but also their economic stability.

Community and Future Plans

The development team is committed to creating a robust RTS experience with plans for post-launch expansions, including multiplayer seasons, tournaments, and continuous game balancing. The support from the Patreon community is crucial in realizing these ambitious goals.

By offering early access through Patreon, the developers of Sanctuary: Shattered Sun are not only rewarding their community but are also paving the way for the next evolution in large-scale RTS games. With its innovative features and strategic depth, Sanctuary: Shattered Sun is poised to become a new cornerstone in the genre, offering both challenges and opportunities for RTS enthusiasts around the globe.

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