Fun & Frustration With Funko Bitty Pops  

You know for years I have been a closet Funko Pop collector. If people ask me if I have any, I always say that I have a few. Truth be told that “few” is way more than I would like to admit as I have bought them for many of my favorite fandoms over the years. Just when I think I am done, Funko pulls me back in like with these Bitty Pops which I love, but also hate at the same time. I picked up a set recently and wanted to give them a little review.

So just what the heck are Funko Bitty Pops some of you may be asking? These are way smaller than a regular Funko Pop and even a Funko Mystery Mini. They are designed to look like a regular Funko Pop just in a “bitty” scale. They have a lot of charm to them and when you see them in the store for the first time it is impossible not to smile. Ok, so that is what I am telling myself after picking up a set of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ones, but I swear this is the only set of these I am buying.

At the moment as well as TMNT there are Star Wars, Harry Potter, DC, Marvel, Nightmare Before Christmas and Disney Bitty Pops. Each set comes with four characters, but you only know who three of them are! Each franchise has four sets and there are four mystery characters. I hate and I mean hate the whole mystery thing! Here in the UK, you are looking at £12,99 for a set of these, but one of them is a mystery figure so if you buy two sets as there are only four mystery characters there is a high chance of getting a double! If these were priced a bit cheaper, I could maybe get on board with this. However, had they just shown all four characters, chances are I would have bought a second set.

Apart from the whole mystery thing that I do not like. These are just so much fun and charming! I was surprised that the little Funko box was made of plastic and not cardboard which was cool. The figures can come out of the boxes and clip back in so you do not have to worry about them falling out. Speaking of falling out, each set of these comes with a little rack or shelf to put the figures in, but they fall out of this way too easily, I wish that they clipped into it like they do their boxes.

Apart from the mystery aspect of this, I think that the Funko Bitty Pops are pretty cool. If there is some way to figure out who the mystery characters are in each box, I would probably try and complete the Ninja Turtles collection. So, if you know of any way to do this without me ripping them open in the store and getting arrested, I would love to hear it!

  1. These look so awesome! I want to get them! The Harry Potter ones look really cool.

  2. I collect Pop figures of Sonic characters as well as the Raven pop figures from Teen Titans Go. I’m not sure if there are any Funko Bitty Pops of the characters I collect, so I’ll probably just stick to collecting the normal Pop figures for now unless they have Sonic characters or Raven. My coworker collects pop figures though I don’t know if he has any of the Bitty Pops in his collection.

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