Frontier Announce New Jurassic World Game

Frontier Developments, the esteemed studio behind the popular Elite Dangerous, has recently inked a noteworthy deal with Universal Products & Experiences to develop the third installment in the Jurassic World game series. This exciting collaboration points towards a promising expansion in Frontier’s repertoire, particularly within the realm of management simulation games. Over the next few years, the studio is set to introduce three new titles in this genre, promising a vibrant future for simulation game enthusiasts.

While Frontier Developments has not officially confirmed the title as Jurassic World Evolution 3, indications strongly suggest it will follow its successful predecessors, Jurassic World Evolution 1 and 2. These earlier installments have become the flagship titles in Frontier’s portfolio, leading in revenue generation in their first two years post-launch. This success is noteworthy, especially considering that Frontier acknowledged the second game’s initial sales on PC were “lower than expected.”

The announcement of the next Jurassic World game describes it as another venture into the creative management simulation genre. This game is part of a strategic trio of management simulations that Frontier plans to release yearly over the next three years. The first of these games, an as-yet-unannounced title based on Frontier’s own IP, is expected to launch during the studio’s next fiscal year, which runs from June 1, 2024, to May 31, 2025. Rumors suggest that this could be a sequel to Planet Coaster, although details remain under wraps. Following this release, the new Jurassic World Evolution game is slated for the 2026 fiscal year, with a third unannounced management simulation game scheduled for 2027.

In addition to these promising developments in the management simulation arena, Frontier has another significant project underway. The studio is preparing to release a third installment in the F1 Manager series, anticipated to launch in the summer. This upcoming release is part of a broader agreement made in 2020 with the Formula One group, under which Frontier committed to producing four F1 management games. However, the journey with the F1 Manager series has been somewhat turbulent.

The initial game in the F1 Manager series faced considerable criticism from players who were disappointed with its lack of depth, numerous bugs, and overall underdevelopment. Frontier’s decision to cease post-launch support merely two months after the game’s release further strained relations with its player base. Acknowledging the shortcomings, Frontier admitted that F1 Manager 2022 was not successful. The subsequent iteration also failed to meet expectations, contributing to the studio’s decision to implement layoffs as part of an organizational review. This period of strife culminated in a damning internal report accusing Frontier’s leadership of ongoing failures.

Despite these challenges, Frontier’s partnership with Universal Products & Experiences to develop a new Jurassic World game symbolizes a significant opportunity for redemption and growth. By harnessing its strengths in creating engaging management simulations, Frontier aims to rebuild trust with its audience and enhance its standing in the gaming industry.

As Frontier Developments continues to navigate its path forward, the next few years will be pivotal. The studio’s strategy to diversify its game offerings through the development of new management sims, coupled with the highly anticipated Jurassic World and F1 Manager titles, reflects a robust plan to captivate gamers and secure a stable, successful future in the competitive world of video gaming. This strategic expansion into varied management simulation ventures not only highlights Frontier’s adaptability but also underscores its commitment to delivering high-quality entertainment to its diverse and expanding player base.

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