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Free movies for PlayStation Plus Premium members.

Sony has announced a refresh of Bravia Core. The streaming service is being rebranded as Sony Pictures Core and will receive a new app for PS4 and PS5. PlayStation Plus members will receive exclusive perks.

Sony Pictures Core offers access to approximately 2000 Sony films, including Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Uncharted, Bullet Train, and Ghostbusters: Afterlife. The service will also provide early access to the latest Sony films before they are released on other platforms.

While most films require payment, there is a list of 100 films available for free to PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers. This includes titles such as Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and Resident Evil Damnation. Sony will sporadically update this list.

In the future, more benefits will be rolled out for PlayStation Plus members.


  • Debashis 16 October 2023

    It’s a piece of awesome news for all the PS Plus members. Offering early access to films and free content for subscribers is a compelling move that enhances the value of these services. It’s a smart strategy that caters to both movie enthusiasts and gamers. A win-win for both!

  • Riberet19 29 October 2023

    Bad luck for me, I am a member of PS Plus Essentials, I don’t have the premium version, but it is a perfect addition for members of said subscription and a good incentive for all of us who are not premium members to obtain said membership.

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