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Forge Your Legacy in Industrial Annihilation

Prepare for a strategic journey like no other with Industrial Annihilation, the sequel to the renowned Planetary Annihilation. Galactic Annihilation Inc. is proud to present a captivating blend of deep factory construction and intense real-time strategy, promising an experience that will leave players on the edge of their seats.

Imagine a vast desert landscape where your mission is to construct massive military factories, meticulously arming your forces for epic confrontations. However, in Industrial Annihilation, it’s not just about the weapons – it’s about the mastery of factory construction that dictates your approach. Will you invest your resources in colossal Titan-level units or commit to planet crushers for those game-ending manoeuvres? The decisions are yours to make. Craft the ultimate strike team or unleash the full force of your artillery, wielding devastating tactical nukes. Your strategy, your destiny.

One of the defining features of this game is the ability to choose your faction: Machina or Chaos. Each faction presents a distinct array of combat units, playstyles, and strategies, allowing for a truly immersive experience. While a single-player campaign is on offer, it remains to be seen whether players can select their allegiance within.

As a commander, you have the liberty to delegate the management of your battles to the game’s sophisticated artificial intelligence, or you can seize control and lead your forces to victory in real-time strategy gameplay. The choice is yours.

Industrial Annihilation is slated for Steam early access in the second quarter of 2024, with an initial price point of $29.99. The full release is anticipated to follow one year later, priced at $39.99. Rest assured, this is the same accomplished team that brought Planetary Annihilation to life, consisting of seasoned developers with a background in classics such as Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander.

Get ready to experience a unique blend of real-time strategy and factory construction, embark on an epic single-player campaign, and engage in intense online battles. Your adventure begins soon, Commander. Will you rise to the challenge?

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  • Lemmy 24 October 2023

    I could never get to grips with the odd scale of planetary annihilation. The planets always looked too small. I like the look of this though.

  • Debashis 28 October 2023

    Industrial Annihilation appears to redefine strategy gaming, promising a thrilling blend of construction, faction diversity, and epic battles for commanders. This is definitely exciting!

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