Earthless – A Cosmic Adventure of Roguelike Proportions

In Earthless, experience a rich, sci-fi story of loss, hope, and human endurance following the destruction of the Sun. Captain humanity’s final generation ships through space in a series of roguelike adventures, exploring a web of ever-changing and treacherous star systems and engaging in strategic, grid-based combat with mysterious, interstellar enemies. During each voyage, build a deck of unique tactical abilities and manage the crew on board your vessel while making difficult ethical decisions that could directly impact their well-being … and the survival of the human species.

In a gaming world filled with roguelike deckbuilders, it takes something truly special to stand out from the cosmic crowd. Earthless, the upcoming title from developer Blackbird Interactive and publisher Team17, is precisely that something. I had the chance to explore this intriguing game, and let me tell you, Earthless is not just another entry in the genre; it’s a refreshing, logical, and heartfelt take on the space-faring roguelike adventure.

A New Spin on Familiar Mechanics

At its core, Earthless shares the same roguelike deckbuilding DNA with its peers. You traverse randomly generated landscapes, navigating through a web of events, encounters, and battles. In these battles, your deck of cards becomes your lifeline. But Earthless introduces a unique twist; you’re not just confined to cards, you can also move your crew around, predicting enemy attacks and planning your moves with careful consideration.

Beyond battles, Earthless takes a deeper dive into the personal dynamics of your crew. You have the responsibility of guiding your ship’s crew through the cosmos, and their morale plays a crucial role. Upgrades and enhancements to your ship come from a selection of five leaders, each responsible for different ship aspects. These choices directly impact the morale of their respective teams. In Earthless, every decision carries weight, adding a layer of depth and meaning to the gameplay.

A Cosmic Odyssey with a Logical Loop

One of the standout features of Earthless is its narrative and the logical loop it presents. The game begins with the premise of a dying sun, prompting humanity’s evacuation from Earth in search of a new home. But instead of a single ship venturing forth, thousands set out in various directions, each hoping to find a habitable planet. As the captain of one such ship, your mission is to guide your crew through a vast map in search of a new home. What makes this compelling is that when you meet your inevitable demise, you don’t magically respawn. Instead, you take control of a different captain, on a different ship, with a unique crew. This setup not only explains the variety of locations you’ll explore in each run but also provides a logical explanation for the repeating cycle, making Earthless more than just another roguelike.

A Cosmic Future Beckons

In conclusion, Earthless offers a fresh take on the roguelike deckbuilder genre, blending familiar mechanics with unique features and a logical narrative loop that sets it apart. The dedication of the developers to delivering an enjoyable experience is evident, and its potential for success is evident. With a story that resonates, a logical foundation for its gameplay loop, and promising performance, Earthless is a game that’s well worth keeping an eye on. As humanity’s future rests on your shoulders, be prepared to embark on a cosmic adventure when Earthless hits early access in 2024. Whether you’re flying solo or venturing with friends, Earthless promises a stellar journey through the cosmos, and I, for one, can’t wait to dive in.

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