Dune Awakening Cutthroat PvP Game play on Arrakis Revealed

If you have been following the news and goings on for Dune: Awakening, you will know that back in June 2023, the PC Gaming Show 2023 closed out with gameplay from Dune: Awakening and also a behind-the-scenes look at Funcom and their progress so far.

During the video, there were 13 minutes of footage that allowed fans to have some insight into how the team is progressing with the game and also how they are adapting Dune into a third-person Arrakis adventure.

As much as it is complicated, they do seem to be doing really well with it and it seems to be shaping up really well.
It would seem that Funcom would like to give players of Dune: Awakening an accurate recreation of Arrakis. Funcom will be providing the ability for the player to make their own decisions and let them choose how they wish to live in Arrakis.

The gameplay showcased at the PC Gaming Show 2023 shows how you will be able to customize your Dune experience in a cutthroat PvP world.

We were also treated to a look at the game which looks beautiful and we also got to see vehicles that will be available when Dune: Awakening releases in early 2024.

They also showcased at the PC Gaming Show 2023, how the game looks and how smooth it seems to be as well.

We will also be experiencing the world of Dune through a 3rd person perspective and the entire game seems to be designed around 3rd person as well.

One thing we do know for sure is the game is looking amazing even before release and the graphics are looking absolutely amazing!

You can see the gameplay of Dune: Awakening and also the interview with Funcom below.

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