Crafting and Conquest in Soulmask

A Survival Game with Promise and Potential

Soulmask is a riveting addition to the survival crafting genre that marries expansive world-building with innovative mechanics. The game, currently in its Steam demo phase and set for an Early Access release, offers an engaging experience that has notably captured the attention of the gaming community.

Gameplay and Mechanics

The cornerstone of Soulmask is its vast tech tree and an impressive arsenal of items to craft, reminiscent of popular games like Valheim and Enshrouded. Players can spend hours strategizing and building their base, which adds a satisfying layer of depth to the game. The recruitment of NPCs using mask powers is a unique feature that adds both a strategic and whimsical element to tribal management. For instance, players can knock out NPCs and bring them back to their base, or like in the experience shared, NPCs might willingly join your tribe, adding a dynamic human element to gameplay.

User Interface and Task Management

Soulmask excels in its user interface, which simplifies complex task assignments and management of NPCs. Players can easily designate tasks and manage resources, which is crucial in a game where building and expansion are key.

Graphics and Immersion

While the game offers a compelling building and recruitment system, it falls short in graphical fidelity. The animations are described as clunky, and the environmental variety is lacking, with repetitive landscapes. This can detract from the immersion, which is an essential aspect of survival games.

Combat and Character Interaction

The combat system, although extensive with numerous weapons and skills, has received mixed feedback. The combat mechanics might not appeal to everyone, as it requires patience and adjustment due to the intricate physics-based combat system. Additionally, the character interaction within the tribe, such as the recruitment and training of new members, adds a personal touch that keeps the gameplay engaging and varied.

Community and Developer Interaction

The strong community response, highlighted by a successful public beta, indicates a robust interest and approval of the game’s core mechanics and future potential. The developers are active in incorporating community feedback, which promises continual improvement and expansions in future updates.

Overall Impression

Soulmask is a promising game with a rich framework for adventure, crafting, and community building. Its unique features, like mask-based powers and NPC recruitment, set it apart in a crowded genre. However, improvements in animation, environmental diversity, and some mechanics could enhance its appeal. With its scheduled release on Steam, it has the potential to become a staple for fans of survival crafting games, provided the developers continue to refine and expand upon the current foundation.

The planned release for Soulmask is 18th June 2024. Add it to your Steam wishlist to be kept in the loop.

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