Broforce The Ultimate 80s & 90s Nostalgia Act!

I grew up watching all the big action movies of the 80s and 90s so I was shocked that Broforce completely passed me by! Had this game not shown up on Game Pass a few weeks back, I still probably would be ignorant of its existence! I saw the title and wondered what the heck Broforce was, I watched the trailer and I knew this was a game I had to play.

Broforce is a side-scrolling run and gun platform game. The idea is that it is set in an over the top “Murica” world where America is the world police and taking down one threat at a time. Some of the short lines before a mission are hilarious as they explain why the Broforce needs to intervene in this country’s problems.

Each stage has you needing to make it to the end where you will kill Satan and jump into the escape chopper before taking on your next mission. However, doing that is far easier said than done. The twist of this game is the “Bros” Broforce has the craziest selection of characters you will ever see! These are based on iconic 80s and 90s (and a few later) action icons with a bro twist. For example, Bro Hard is like John McClane from Die Hard, Broheart is Braveheart, Tank Bro is Tank Girl, and so on.

Each Bro or female Bro has their own basic move, Indiana Brones for example has a whip as his default basic attack, but his special attack is shooting. My personal favorite is the Van Damme inspired Time Bro who can kick with his basic attack, but also slow down time with his special. You need to make your way through each level, killing the enemies as you go and rescuing bros along the way. Bros also serve as extra lives, so if you die as The Brominator for example and you have lives left, you will come back as a different Bro. The more Bros you save, the more that will be added to your roster.

The game starts off with you taking down enemies that are like soldiers and terrorists, aliens then come into play, and then demons! The game is so over the top, but it is just so much fun to play. It is the kind of game where you will die over and over again until you figure out the best way to tackle a level. The Bros can take out the terrain so you can make different passageways to try and sneak around if you like.

I have had a blast with Broforce and all I have done is play the campaign! I will certainly check out the arcade mode and maybe even dabble in the multiplayer once I am done with the campaign! If you have Game Pass (or even if you do not) I recommend that you check this out!

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