Barbarian, a 2022 Horror Movie, To Be Adapted Into a Video Game

Diversion3 Entertainment in collaboration with New Regency Pictures has announced to adapt 2022 movie Barbarian scheduled to be released in 2024. Diversion3 Entertainment is renowned for video games like Friday the 13th and Evil Dead, both adapted from the movies of the same names. Barbarian is critically acclaimed movie that is also loved by audiences. The details of the game has not been revealed, however, it is very likely that the game will follow the same spine-tingling narrative of the movie.

Barbarian tells a story of a woman who gets entangled into a terrifying situation in her rented house. When the protagonist uncovers something weird within the confines of her rented residence, she goes on to investigate only to discover a network of tunnels that takes her into the disturbing history of torment within the house. The movie explores into themes of sexual abuse and trauma taking viewers across various timelines and dimensions. The movie is written and directed Zach Cregger and the haunting music is created by Anna Drubich. If you have not watched the movie yet, you can stream it on HBO Max (other streaming services are available!)

The movie has been a commercial hit making fans want for prequels and sequels. The announcement of the video game might be the proper response for the fans. Exact released date of Barbarian game is unknown, however, the expectations are already running high for the fans of the movie and horror games.

Tim Hesse, executive producer for Diversion3 Entertainment, has expressed eagerness to explore deeper into the eerie world of the movie, well-developed characters and spine-chilling scenes. Likewise, Yariv Milchan, chairman and CEO of New Regency Pictures, said the game will allow the players to experience the gripping terror of Barbarian through the interactive medium of the game. Interestingly, the game’s narrative is remains unknown leaving fans to speculate different theories. What we know so far is the game will be a single-player horror game.

Following the commercial success of Barbarian, the decision to adapt the movie into a game sphere seems to be a natural progression to expand the franchise. The movie masterfully terrifies the audience with unforeseen plot twists. You can expect a similar nerve wracking horror experience in Barbarian the game.

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