Arena Breakout: Infinite

Tencent Games Unveils Arena Breakout: Infinite, Promising Unrivaled Realism and Customization for PC Players

MoreFun Studios has announced their latest venture, Arena Breakout: Infinite, will release on PC via Steam. This move marks a significant expansion of the acclaimed franchise onto the PC platform, promising an unparalleled level of firearm customization and immersive first-person shooter realism.

The original Arena Breakout, launched for iOS and Android devices, quickly gained recognition as a mobile alternative to titles like Escape from Tarkov. Now, MoreFun Studios aims to elevate the franchise to new heights with its debut on PC.

“In Arena Breakout: Infinite, enter the Dark Zone and become the deadliest soldier of fortune known to man,” reads a statement from MoreFun Studios. “As a highly skilled military operative, journey into the war-torn Kamona region where high stakes equal high rewards. Pull the trigger, take cover, and move ahead. Break into combat arenas to extract high-value items and strike it rich… but be prepared to fight for survival.”

The cornerstone of Arena Breakout: Infinite lies in its dense customization options, boasting over 500 accessories for players to fine-tune their weaponry. From rifle stocks to sight placements, custom barrels, muzzle brakes, and more, each adjustment allows players to tailor their firearms for optimal stability, accuracy, and effective range.

The game promises to immerse players in a world of unparalleled realism. Combat arenas are brought to life with exceptional detail, featuring real-time lighting and 360 spatial sound effects that heighten the intensity of every firefight.

“Infinite represents an all-in commitment to launching the first viable tactical FPS on Steam that’s accessible, content-complete, and free of issues like cheating, bugs, poor servers and more that longtime fans of the tactical-shooting genre have sadly grown accustomed to,” explains MoreFun Studios.

Arena Breakout: Infinite is positioned as a player-first experience, prioritizing fair and competitive gameplay. The developers have implemented robust anti-cheat measures, data tracking, and game reports to ensure a level playing field for all participants.

As anticipation mounts, players are encouraged to sign up for the beta test on the game’s official website and stay tuned to its social channels for the latest updates and information.

Arena Breakout: Infinite is poised to make its mark on the PC gaming landscape, offering an unmatched blend of realism, customization, and competitive gameplay. Prepare to breach the Dark Zone and embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey like never before when Arena Breakout: Infinite launches on Steam in the near future.

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