11 free games are available to download and keep now on Steam in November!

It is not too often we hear the words “free games” but when we do hear them, our attention goes straight to where we can get them and whether we can keep them once we have downloaded them.

Steam users at the moment everywhere can download a total of 11 free games from the Steam launcher as of right now and this is something you may not want to miss out on.

Let’s not leave you waiting in suspense and let you know which games are free right now on Steam for November so that you can jump to it and download them now before they go:

  • Cult of Personality – This is a game that is similar to Among Us and who doesn’t like Among Us? Even if you are not a fan of Among Us, it is still worth downloading this one as it is free!
  • Monster Hide – This game allows you to play as the monster and kill all the humans or you can play as humans and work as a team to kill the monster.
  • Shell Runner – A top-down looter shooter which is quite stylish and has plenty of action to keep you interested.
  • Drift.Wav – A racing game which is quite dreamy and also has an amazing synth-wave soundtrack
  • Beyond Hanwell Teaser – This one is a prologue for a new horror adventure which looks quite stunning.
  • The Jeffy Game – For those of you who may be finding Super Mario Wonder a little bit too creative, this 2D platformer may just be for you.
  • Office Fight – Ever wanted to deal with that one annoying co-worker? Now you can in Office Fight.
  • Three Skies – This is another one that will be of interest to those who are RPG fans.
  • Song of Horror One-Shot Challenge – This one is a horror adventure which has the enemy AI turned up to the highest level to ensure maximum scares when playing the game.
  • Stagelands: Eternal Defense – This one is a tower defence game which has a colourful fantasy aesthetic. This one can get quite intense so wise to stay on top of your strategies.
  • Dragonheir: Silent Gods – This one is an open-world RPG which promises a dynamic world with diverse exploration possibilities and high-quality character models.

Some awesome-looking games and all for free! You have nothing to lose downloading these games to ensure that they stay in your library forever!

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