Ubisoft Plus: New Subscription Tiers

In this rapidly advancing digital age, the way we experience and consume video games is undergoing a significant transformation. The latest player to enter the arena of gaming subscription services is Ubisoft, the renowned publisher and creator behind blockbuster titles such as Assassin’s Creed. Ubisoft+ has recently undergone a revamp, introducing two tiers – Ubisoft+ Classics and Ubisoft+ Premium – offering gamers an array of choices to tailor their gaming experience.

Ubisoft+ Classics, available for PC gamers and select PlayStation Plus subscribers, caters to those seeking a library of Ubisoft’s older games. Priced at a reasonable $7.99 per month, this tier includes titles like Far Cry 6, Rainbow Six Siege, and Watch Dogs: Legion. The library is set to expand over time, promising an ever-growing selection of classics. What’s more, it’s available for free as part of PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium, adding even more value for PlayStation owners.

For the avid gamers who crave the latest releases like Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, Ubisoft+ Premium is available at $17.99 per month. This tier includes Ubisoft’s classic games and provides access to new releases. Ubisoft emphasizes value addition by offering not only the base game but also any premium editions, granting subscribers early access to some titles, with deluxe editions boasting up to seven days of early play.

However, the premium tier comes with a price tag that places it among the more expensive subscription services on the market, rivalling the costs of PS Plus Premium and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Despite this, Ubisoft+ Premium may be worth the investment for gamers, considering the exciting lineup of upcoming releases, including the long-awaited Skull and Bones and Star Wars: Outlaws later in the year. The potential addition of Assassin’s Creed Jade and Assassin’s Creed Red adds even more allure to the subscription.

In a gaming landscape increasingly dominated by digital content, Ubisoft+ reflects the industry’s shift towards subscription models. However, this transition has not been without its fair share of debates. In a recent interview with GameIndustry.biz, Philippe Tremblay, director of subscriptions at Ubisoft, addressed the changing attitudes towards game ownership. He noted that gamers are gradually becoming accustomed to the idea of not owning physical copies, drawing parallels to the shifts seen in the music and film industries.

Tremblay emphasized the importance of feeling comfortable with the concept of not owning games, comparing it to the transition from physical CD and DVD collections to digital streaming services. In the evolving gaming ecosystem, progress files and engagement with the game persist, assuaging concerns about losing valuable achievements and experiences.

As Ubisoft+ introduces these new tiers, it prompts gamers to consider the evolving landscape of the industry. While the pricing may be on the higher side, the expansive library and potential early access to premium editions make Ubisoft+ a compelling option for those seeking a curated gaming experience. As the gaming community adjusts to this changing paradigm, Ubisoft’s subscription service stands as an indicator of the industry’s commitment to innovation and adaptation.

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