A little while back I posted about my top five retro Spider-Man games and today we are web-slinging across from Avengers Campus to have a look at what I consider to be the top 5 Disney games. Since the 8-bit days, there have been great Disney games. It may be easy to laugh at some Disney games, but in my humble opinion from the games I have played, there are more good and even great Disney games than there are terrible ones!

Putting this list together was trickier than I thought it would be and I bet more than a few people are shocked at what my number one pick is! Speaking of which, as there are so many great Disney games I am sure many of your lists will be different to mine so be sure to let me know what your top 5 Disney games are.

Number 5


A while back I did a comparison of Aladdin for the Super Nintendo and its Sega counterpart and I said that I prefer the SNES version and I am sticking with that! The Sega version looks fantastic, but I feel the SNES game has aged far better. This was brought to us by Capcom and as you would expect from Capcom at this time, Aladdin on Super Nintendo has tight controls, great platforming and it is just a ton of fun to play. While it may lack the spectacular visuals of its Sega rival, it still looks great in its own right and it has a fantastic soundtrack.

Number 4

Castle of Illusion

I am talking about the 16-bit version of the game here, but the 8-bit and the remaster that came out on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are also fantastic. This was a must own for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and it was a real showcase title in the first couple of years. It is a rather short game, but while it may be small in size it is huge in charm. Mickey controls great and the way he looks and moves at the time was as close to playing an actual cartoon as we ever had. The stages all have fun themes and the game is just a real joy to play from start to end, which is good as you can beat it in one sitting!

Number 3

Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers

I know that some may argue the sequel is the better game, but my nostalgia goggles will not let me say that. Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers is a phenomenal NES platformer. Capcom made some epic Disney games on the NES and this one here is my favorite. I love the scale of things, you actually feel like you are a little chipmunk trying to save the day. Speaking of which for a licensed NES game, Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers is pretty story driven, which is great as it is like you are playing through the actual show.

Number 2

Ducktales Remastered

Ok, I love Ducktales on the NES, if you check my top five NES games that I did, it featured on that list. While I have a ton of nostalgia for that game, I have to be honest and say that Ducktales Remastered is a much better game. Made by 2D masters, Wayforward, Ducktales Remastered looks amazing, it looks just like the show and the voice acting and the story makes you feel like you are playing through a lost episode. It is awesome platforming action and it looks and sounds amazing. This one can be played on Xbox One and Xbox Series thanks to it being backward compatible.

Number 1

Toy Story 3

I bet no one expected this, but Toy Story 3 the video game is amazing! It has a fantastic campaign where you can play through many of the events of the movie. It offers a bunch of action platforming stages and as the controls are so tight, Toy Story 3 is a legit pleasure to play. However, Toy Story 3 added a second mode called Toy Box Mode where you got to partake in a ton of awesome missions, it was the start of what would become Disney Infinity! This mode is incredible and unlocking stuff is so addictive. This game is backward compatible on the Xbox One/Xbox Series and I highly recommend that you get it.

So, there you have it, my top five Disney games! Remember, this is my list so if you disagree with it, be sure to post your own favorite Disney games in the comments section.

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