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Massive update for Cyberpunk 2077

On September 26th, the Phantom Liberty expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 will finally be released. To ensure a smooth transition to the expansion, the base game is also receiving a massive update. CD Projekt Red has released an infographic detailing everything you can expect in the coming weeks.

The most significant innovations for Cyberpunk 2077 will be introduced through patch 2.0. This brings a complete skill tree overhaul to the game, along with revamped systems for cyberware, police, enemy AI, vehicle combat, and much more. The game will even receive an entirely new radio station.

In addition, there’s the Phantom Liberty expansion, which adds the new region called Dogtown. Here, you’ll embark on a fresh storyline where you must rescue the crashed president.

What’s cool is that the game introduces dynamic events and even vehicle missions – although we hope these involve more than just a handful of races.

Furthermore, Phantom Liberty adds a new skill tree for the Relic in your head. The expansion also brings a plethora of new weapons, cyberware, cars, and outfits. Did we mention that you can install rocket launchers on your vehicle? And the level cap? That will be raised to 60.

Of course, the infographic doesn’t cover everything, but it’s enough to make us eagerly anticipate the Phantom Liberty expansion and patch 2.0. What do you think? Is the expansion worth taking a renewed trip to Night City?

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