Homeworld 3: A Galactic Triumph Awaits

Prepare to embark on a celestial odyssey as Blackbird Interactive unveils the long-anticipated sci-fi real-time strategy sequel, Homeworld 3, slated for release on March 8, 2024. This marks a triumphant return to the storied Homeworld universe, offering a compelling blend of new features, classic gameplay mechanics, and a narrative that promises to captivate both seasoned veterans and those newly venturing into the cosmos.

Skirmish Mode: A Dynamic Battlefield

In a recent development update, Blackbird Interactive revealed the inclusion of an online multiplayer Skirmish mode, injecting fresh excitement into the franchise. Homeworld 3’s Skirmish Mode invites players to partake in classic deathmatch-style battles against friends, strangers, or AI opponents. Supporting up to six players, the mode allows for flexible team configurations, from chaotic free-for-alls to structured 2v2v2 or 3v3 skirmishes. With the added option to introduce computer players with varying difficulty levels and customize settings, each engagement becomes a uniquely dynamic experience. The promise of mod support opens the door to a universe of additional Skirmish maps, fostering a vibrant and ever-expanding community.

Unveiling The Incarnate

Adding an extra layer of intrigue, the development update hinted at Homeworld 3’s new faction, The Incarnate, providing a tantalizing glimpse into their distinct departure from Hiigaran naval strategies. The deliberate secrecy surrounding The Incarnate’s role in the game’s narrative only amplifies the anticipation, promising a fresh and challenging faction for players to master in Skirmish mode.

Co-op War Games and The Age of S’jet Successor

Homeworld 3’s co-op War Games mode, infused with roguelike elements, emerges as a thrilling addition to the franchise. As the narrative unfolds in the aftermath of Homeworld 2, players step into the shoes of Imogen S’jet, successor to the legendary Fleet Command Karan S’jet. The galaxy enters a new era, the Age of S’jet, marked by galactic trade and development. However, this golden age meets an abrupt end with the disappearance of Karan and the subsequent emergence of The Anomaly, casting a dark shadow across the cosmos. Imogen S’jet must lead a fleet to unravel the mysteries and confront the formidable enemy threatening the galaxy’s very existence.

Homeworld’s Legacy and Evolution

Homeworld 3, the third installment arriving over two decades after Homeworld 2, builds upon the foundation laid by its predecessors, including the Homeworld remastered collection and the narrative-expanding Deserts of Kharak. While the original games focused on space travel, exploration, and intense space battles, Deserts of Kharak delved into the history of the Kushan before they ventured into the stars. Homeworld 3 seamlessly continues this epic saga, introducing new challenges and adversaries, including the Vaygr, as the stakes are raised higher than ever.

Collector’s Edition: A Feast for Fans

For ardent fans eager to immerse themselves in the physical and digital realms of Homeworld 3, the Collector’s Edition beckons. Priced at $174.99, this comprehensive package includes a 14-inch model of the iconic Mothership and meticulously crafted models of Hiigaran Destroyer, Torpedo Frigate, and three Recon ships in formation. The inclusion of a lithograph, World War II-inspired playing cards, a keychain, and an array of digital content, including the base game and a year one pass, makes this edition a must-have for enthusiasts.

Homeworld 3 Mini-Documentary

As a tantalizing precursor to the game’s release, a new mini-documentary offers an insightful exploration into Homeworld 3’s development. Covering gameplay mechanics, audio design, and the implementation of Unreal Engine, the documentary provides an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into bringing this cosmic adventure to life.


With a release date firmly set, Homeworld 3 beckons players to traverse the cosmos once more, promising a captivating blend of nostalgia, innovation, and an expansive universe waiting to be explored. Pre-orders are now available on Steam, inviting fans to secure their place in the next chapter of this iconic sci-fi saga. The countdown to March 8, 2024, has never been more thrilling.

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